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Wolf Cub Slot Review from Net Entertainment

We have probably never encountered anyone who has not liked cute little dog puppies, or in the case of Wolf Cub, an insidious little animated wolf. The casino game Wolf Cub is the new featured game from NetEnt, which has quickly gained popularity, perhaps not only because it's cute but probably also because it's a slot machine that's straightforward and simple not to mention incredible fun to play and win money on.

The Wolf Cub game is more than just a castle machine. It takes you on a great adventure outdoors in the cold on a snowy mountain and a crowded forest somewhere in a remote country north with white and cold mountains. You will almost feel the cold of frost and ice caps when you play, but it will definitely be worth it when you reach the bonus round with up to 115 free spins and a real chance of winning big money while witnessing an extremely cool animation of a snowstorm on the game screen.

Wolf Cub

Graphics, Animations and Theme

 The property wolves have, as most people know, to yell. From movies, books, newspapers and stories of wolves we always hear about how wolves make up for calling on their flock and their family. Usually, the wolf's whistle results in a wolf flock finding each other and grouping, but in Wolf Cub, it instead results in an exclusive bonus round with a varying amount of free spins for the player.

With that said, you cannot immediately get used to the big win, you need to get together 3 scatter symbols on your line before you can enjoy your bonus round with frees pins. If you are successful with this, all scatter symbols, even those outside the payline, will turn into numbers representing the number of free spins that you get. Whatever the number of free spins you get, it's a nice animation and a special experience.

Often it's only a few free spins that you manage to get home in Wolf Cub, but it's not too rare to get a higher number. Sometimes you get over 100 free spins and even the maximum amount is despite the fact that it is difficult to get it completely impossible to attain at least sometime.

Gameplay, Functionality and Symbols

Wolf Cub's scatter symbol is the symbol of the moon and the word "scatter" inside. If you get 3 or more of this symbol anywhere on the wheel, the famous bonus round will trigger you up to 115 free spins. Any wheel that has a scatter symbol will replace the symbols already shown with symbols that have numbers instead. The sum of the numbers on the symbols will be the number of free spins that you get as a bonus and you can get as many as 115 free spins if you are really lucky.

You can only get the bonus in the game if you are persecuted by luck, but here you can find bonuses that are completely free to share regardless of whether you are lucky or not. These are really generous bonuses that you can use to play on the Wolf Cub slot machine but also on a variety of other fun slot machines from NetEnt and other players. Check out our current offers about bonuses and reviews of casinos to be able to choose the best for you and to get the most out of your gambling when you play Wolf Cub or any other game.

Mobile Gameplay

A good thing about Wolf Cub is that it can play not only on desktops but also on mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, iPad and many different types of tablets. You can also play Wolf Cub either for real money or you can try the game completely for free without inserting anything.

Payout and Betting Options

The Wolf Cub game has a medium and the theoretical return to player - RTP - is 96.34%.

Wolf Cub Slot Summary

The Wolf Cub theme of the castle machine is based on the little throwback genre that you can always see to the left of the screen while playing. As usual from NetEnt, the game for the eye is very appealing. The graphics are vibrant and the handsome animations almost resemble a beautiful drawing with dark tones that are easy for the eye without being partly bleak. In the background of the game you can see a snow-covered forest somewhere in the mountains with various animals looking forward to the screen.

It is quite easy noticed that NetEnt tried and managed well to create something on Pixar level with this game. Wolf Cub has a number of fun animations, but one of the cute animations we've decided for is the little wrath himself that smooth and playful jumps around and encourages each time you win a game. Vargungen also puffs out cold air from the mouth which causes the heart to melt in the snow. The music is cheerful, but during a bunch of free spins, the music is even happier and the wolf, just as you become obviously nothing but overjoyed.

Together with snowmobile and racing genre, the wild symbol with the little wolf's footsteps and, of course, the bonus round with up to 115 free spins is the best part of the game. Contrary to what you might think, we can say after playing hundreds of rounds of the game Wolf Cub that the theme is suitable for both men and women.

There are many opportunities in the Wolf Cub to win a lot of money and although more free spins could be offered, we think that the castle machine has a great potential to become one of the best slot machines that came out this year. All you need to do now is to find a casino to play and deposit a crown or two and take part in the amazing and cool adventure that Wolf Cub has to offer.

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