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Mega Fortune Dreams Slot Review from Net Entertainment

Mega Fortune Dreams is a sequel to the popular Mega Fortune slot machine. Mega Fortune was launched in 2009 and has since been one of Net Entertainment's most popular games. The game has been especially interesting for those who want the opportunity for really big winnings as there is a built-in jackpot in this game.

The biggest win ever paid was 2013 when a Finnish player won EUR17.86 millions. This is a record that is currently enrolled in Guinness Records Book as the highest win in a online casino.

Mega Fortune Dreams was premiere in 2014 and contains much of what's already in Mega Fortune. However, the game is much nicer, pure graphically, giving a 3D-like feel with several new features. Of course, there is also a jackpot in the game. One guess is that Net Entertainment with this game would launch a game that takes over the relay pin after Mega Fortune.

The game is very popular and can be played for big as well as small efforts. The main reason that players choose this particular machine is the big jackpot. The game therefore suits those who dream of a really big win that can change your entire life.

Mega Fortune Dreams

Graphics, Animations and Theme

Mega Fortune Dreams theme follows the same line as Mega Fortune. It is therefore luxury and luxury that permeates the theme. You definitely get the feeling of exclusivity when you play this slot machine. All symbols can be associated with luxury such as lot of gold, diamonds, bubbles and other glitters. This is a great fit for this machine, as winners of the huge jackpot can easily get the best out of life.

The game uses several exciting symbols. The least valuable symbols are classic short-term symbols: A, K, Q, J and 10. These are decorated with diamonds and the win is awarded if you get at least three in a row on a winning line. 10 pay at least three in a row giving five coins in profit and five in a row gives 40 coins in profit. A pays most of these symbols where three winning symbols in a row give eight coins and five in a row gives 150 coins in profit.

The more valuable symbols go more in the theme of the game itself. There is a champagne glass, an exclusive watch, a diamond ring, an exclusive designer bag and a symbol that represents chilling champagne. Of these symbols, the champagne glass is paying at least in profit. For three equal symbols on a winning row, the game pays 10 coins and for five consecutive wins one wins 200 coins. The diamond ring is the most valuable of these symbols and pays 40 coins in profit for three symbols in a row. If you succeed in getting five diamond rings in a row on a winning line, you win a total of 200 euro.

Gameplay, Functionality and Symbols

There is also a scatter symbol in Mega Fortune Dreams. This is a big shining diamond. You need scatter symbols to win free spins. These symbols do not need to appear on winning lines but can land anywhere to win free-kick. Three scatter symbols give 10 free spins. Four scatter symbols give 15 free spins and five scatter symbols give up to 20 free spins. In Mega Fortune Dreamsfinns, of course, there is also a symbol of bonus. This looks like a classic "lucky wheel" and you need three of these to activate the bonus game.


The bonus symbols appear on wheels three, four and five and do not have to be on a winning line to activate the bonus game. There is also a wild symbol in the game. This symbol is a piece of a beach with beautiful palms. The wild symbol can pop up anywhere and replaces all symbols in addition to the scatter and bonus symbol. If there is a wild in a winning line, replace this symbol in such a way that the highest possible winning combination is created. The symbol also pays out coins. Three wild symbols give 50 coins. If you are lucky enough to get five wild symbols in a row on a winning line, you win 5000 coins which is the maximum win on a line in the actual game.

Unlike Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams is equipped with a sticky wilds feature. This is enabled both in the basic game and during the free-spin mode. The function triggers a re-spin and the wildsen stays on the wheels. You need at least three wild symbols to trigger this feature, but the symbols can land anywhere on the wheels.

This kind of features are usually appreciated by players as it often generates a nice win. It's quite likely that you get a win when you have three wilds and even more likely to find a nice match during a re-spin as these wilds stay.

Mobile Gameplay

Mega Fortune Dreams reminds Mega Fortune a lot about Mega Fortune. The game is constructed in the same way with five spinning wheels that form three rows. There is a total of 20 different paylines built into the game.

You cannot choose which lines you want to play on without automatically playing any payline. Like many other Net Entertainment players, you can adjust your own efforts. You can choose to play one, two, three or four coins per line.

Payout and Betting Options

Return to Player or RTP is a term that describes how much a slot machine pays out in the win of the bet. Mega Fortune Dreams pays back 96.4% of all wagering winnings to players. This is of course very good, but you should keep in mind that many of these winnings are big payouts such as the Mega Jackpot.

Of course, you can win a lot in the free spin mode or if you are lucky with the sticky-wild feature as well. Because much of the bet is made to progressive jackpots, you can expect less winnings in the base game but chance to win huge wins if you are successful in the bonus game.

Mega Fortune Dreams Slot Summary

The main reason to play Mega Fortune Dreams is the bonus game. This is where you can win the really big money. In Mega Fortune Dreams there are three different bonuses to win. Rapid Jackpot, Major Jackpot and Mega Jackpot. When playing Mega Fortune Dreams, 1% of the money goes to Rapid Jackpot, 1 & goes to Major Jackpot and 5.5% goes to the Mega Jackpot. It's the Mega Jackpot which is the biggest and when paid, the jackpot starts at a total of € 250,000. There is therefore a very big pot to win even though it has recently expired which is nice.

To get into the bonus game you need three bonus symbols. These can appear anywhere on wheels three, four and five. You unlock the bonus game consisting of a three-piece lucky wheel. First, the outer wheel spins and there is a stop button so that you can influence the wheel when the wheel stops. When the outermost wheel stops, you win either a coin win of up to 240 or you land on an arrow which will take you to the middle wheel. On the middle wheel you have the chance to win Rapid Jackpot directly if the wheel stays on it.

You can also win a coin win of up to 560 or land on an arrow that takes you to the wheel in the middle. If you get here you have the chance to win the Major Jackpot, a coin win of up to 6000 or if you are really lucky to get on the arrow that takes one to the biggest win: Mega Jackpot. The higher the bet you play with the more likely it is to land on any of the jackpots during the bonus game. You can, of course, win the big jackpot even if you play for less sums.

A big advantage of a progressive jackpot on a network like this is that it collects money from anyone playing on the slot machine no matter what online casino you use. In this way the pot can grow quite enormously, which can be tickling. Since Mega Fortune Dreams has been launched, the Mega Jackpot has been distributed on average every two months. The average profit is then SEK 40 million - that is, really big money. The highest win of the Mega Fortune Dreams Mega Jackpot in 2017 was € 5,505,845. Because the game is very popular, it's likely that the big winnings are at these levels and paid relatively often even in the future.

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