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Jungle Spirit Slot Review from Net Entertainment

The creator of the new slot game Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild is the Swedish game developer NetEnt. They are one of the pioneers in online games and are known for delivering high quality slot games. Skilled graphics, great sound and innovative features of the game are some of their characteristics.

The company is also one of those who produce the newest games per year. Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Spirit is their first game to launch in 2017 and the jungle rumors announce that the game was launched on March 22. The rumors are already that this game will be a big success and maybe go for the slot games that are currently in the top.

Jungle Spirit

Graphics, Animations and Theme

The name of the game is glaring about the theme. Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild is an adventure that takes place in the deepest jungle. Here you chase high profits in company with the most dangerous animals you can imagine. As soon as you start the game you will be aware of what you will meet. The sound effects with the elephants' whining, the jungle drums and fast-paced fitting music make you feel the atmosphere right now.

The animations are many and often surprising, which means you always have to be ready to shop. The colors are dull and feel very natural and appropriate since they really give the feeling that you are very deep inside the snowy jungle. Your job now is to overrun the wild carnivores by getting to the most profitable bonus features. Sometimes it also applies to you to make the right choice, which is not always easy.

Gameplay, Functionality and Symbols

You play on three rows, five reels and 243 different ways to win, which means winnings can come quite often. The winnings count in the classic way from left to right. Later in the game, both the number of races and the various winnings can be changed. If you succeed in entering the bonus game, the different ways you can win up to 1024 are changed. You choose how much you want to bet.

You who have the courage to challenge the jungle predators can bet $ 1000, while those who want to be a bit more careful can satisfy you with two crowns. If you bet the max bet you have the chance to get home a total of seven million kronor. The symbols in the game, of course, match the theme perfectly. The lowest paid symbols are the playing cards that are shaken in wood or stone with winding green plants. The higher paying symbols are the animals of the jungle and, in descending order, they are the tiger, the elephant, the bear, the crocodile and kobran. In addition, there is also the Scatter symbol which is a beautiful flower. You will also meet both butterflies and fireflies that are not symbols in common sense but still play significant roles.

Mobile Gameplay

Want to play Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild for free? Why not take advantage of the various bonuses offered by online casinos. With regard to bonus features in the slot game, NetEnt has managed to quit several interesting and exciting features. The first is Butterfly Boost that you will find in the main game. It is activated randomly, and you will see butterflies flying around on the playing field.

Their wing will make 1-3 symbols included in a guaranteed payline and make the symbols expand. Then there is a similar feature but that applies to both the main game and the bonus game. Here a butterfly or firefly marks a symbol that expands and if that symbol is included in a winning combination, it will expand and cover the entire wheel. The exciting bonus game lets you read more about the next paragraph because it is in close collaboration with the game's Scatter, which activates free spins.

Payout and Betting Options

The so-called RTP (return to player) or repayment rate in Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild is 96.47%, which is a really good number, since 96% is considered a good RTP. In theory, this means that 96.47 of each bet will be returned to the players. Additionally, if you combine this with bonuses and free spins that your online casino offers, the number logically should be even higher. Do you dare to bet and participate in this new and exciting jungle adventure?

Jungle Spirit Slot Summary

What would be a new slot game without a row of free spin? These lovely free runs that allow us to spin the wheels extra without paying for it is very popular. As usual, online casinos also offer some free spins on newly released games so you should check out if you can play for free. In Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild is the beautiful flower that can give you a free kick. If you get three, four or five flowers activated free spins rounds. Four or five flowers also trigger a multiplier that gives you 15 and 50 times the winnings! This can be really profitable for you. How many free spins do you want? Just that, this game gives you an option that may seem simple.

Obviously, you want many free spins. You can choose between 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 free spins. To select the number you enter a game plan where the various jungle animals are sitting on piles in a lake and each pile is marked with a number representing the number of free circles. The one behind this choice is that the lower the number you choose, the higher the profits you can get home. If you choose many free spins, you can get lower but more frequent wins instead. It is also during the free spins round as the playing field changes the shape to have four rows instead of three. The various winning combinations are now 1024!

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