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Joker Pro Slot Review from Net Entertainment

Joker Pro is what the result would be if you would combine the best of Twin Spin and Stickers and possibly spice a bit with Starburst. As you can easily figure out, Joker Pro is a retro-dusting slot game with a game idea that is not directly complicated. NetEnt has provided the game with stacked icons, jokes and a unique respins feature. In the latter you have the chance to win some incredible 100,000 coins in one spin.


It's not tricky to play Joker Pro in any way, but you're always advised to play without risk before sending the polls. Here you play for free with game credits and get to know the game before and after. We offer online casino real money at our site.

Joker Pro

Graphics, Animations and Theme

Joker Pro is a straight-through classic slot machine. Had it not had five wheels we could almost have rated it as a one-armed bandit. The design of the game is very simple. The background consists of blue flashing lights and the wheels are completely free of frills. The only graphic thing to pay attention to is actually that occasionally blinking into gold behind the wheels.

Gameplay, Functionality and Symbols

On the wheels there are a total of seven symbols. Six are paying to varying degrees while the seventh is a joker. The paying icons represent - according to their respective value - diamonds, 7: or, BAR symbols, bells / bells, horseshoes and four-leaf clover. The first four are suspiciously similar to those that NetEnt put into the Twin Spin when it started, while the horse shoe and the four-star are new creations. When you activate the respins feature through the desirable wildlife symbol, the graphics will be a bit more exciting.


First of all, all graphics are warmer, and secondly, graphic details are added that are not reminiscent of metal stickers à la Stickers. To accompany the classic game idea, NetEnt's game creator has put in a popping discoddy in the background and provided the game with a bunch of blipp-blob characters. The 1980s are very concrete! We offer comprehensive guides on many different iPhone casinos at our site.

Mobile Gameplay

Once you have activated respins, you will quickly discover that positions in the center of the wheels 2-4 are effectively impacted by flames and become hot spots. Of course, there is something special about these three positions. In case you get sticky wilds in all three middle positions you will be rewarded immediately and automatically with a win of 100,000 coins. Exactly how much you get into the game box depends on what bet you play with, but even if you play for a penny crown, it will glue up properly!

Payout and Betting Options

Just as the theme is classical, the intervention options of the classic battle are also. Over the five reels, 10 bet lines run, which are of a fixed character, and the bet options are coin and stake. As usual on NetEnt Slots, you have a wide range of game options and auto-slider features to enable. Compare with the game's siblings - Twin Spin and Stickers - there are some significant differences. In Twin Spin you have 243 winning chances.

Joker Pro Slot Summary

It's hard not to like Joker Pro. The game is fast-paced, handsome, nicely designed and also relatively generous. There are not many slots that can pay up to 100,000 coins on a single spin, while the winnings come relatively often. As said, Joker Pro is a blend of a bunch of other NetEnt slots, of which Twin Spin and Stickers are the most notable, and we can say that Joker Pro is likely to attract fans of both of these titles.

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