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Hotline Slot Review from Net Entertainment

Hotline is NetEnt’s last slot release for the beginning of 2018 and will be released on March 22nd. With this in mind, there is a long time to wait before any more details will be surfacing about this slot. At this time, all we can do is speculate on what it is about. You will be able to find it on several UK online casinos.

Although the name may seem to suggest some kind of car race or police pursuit, NetEnt’s habitual creativity means that we cannot be sure. NetEnt also has a stellar reputation, so, whatever exciting game has been thought up, it is sure to be an entertaining and potentially very rewarding one.


Graphics, Animations and Theme

Although it is yet unconfirmed, the belief is that Hotline will be some Florida-themed car chase. Searching for Miami Chase in Google, whilst not necessarily relevant, does yield a number of police chase videos that could be the basis for a high-octane slot game.

Potential other options could be that it is a chase around Miami’s top spots, a new life in the city, or something completely different. It is to be assumed that the graphics will be up to NetEnt’s usual standard, and it’s certain that it will have appropriately-themed music to go along with it all.

Gameplay, Functionality and Symbols

There is no word yet as to the gameplay on offer, but, with NetEnt’s high-quality track record, we will assume that it will be filled with fun bonus features, such as free spins, wilds, stacked or sticky wilds, scatters and many more.

The symbols are most likely to be excellently designed images, comprising either Miami landmarks or paraphernalia to do with police, cars or landscape, all of which is dependent on the overall theme of the slot. NetEnt’s bonus games are known to usually pay out quite well, so we will be looking forward to seeing what Hotline has in store for us.

Mobile Gameplay

There is not much out there at this time about Hotline, but, happily, it has been confirmed that the game will indeed be compatible for mobile users. If this is the case, then it will be available for both iOS and Android, as NetEnt always takes care to ensure the widest number of people have access to its games.

Simply logging in to the player’s account for the specific casino that the game is released in will enable the player to access the game and enjoy playing it.

Payout and Betting Options

With so little information out at this time, it is hard to say what the betting options and payouts will actually look like. However, knowing NetEnt’s general track record and style of game, it is likely that there will be lucrative options available for this game, with standard minimum and maximum wagering amounts. This is not a progressive jackpot, but it remains to be seen what the highest symbol payout will be.

Hotline Slot Summary

As is usual with all new NetEnt releases, more information will gradually come out as the release date edges closer. Usually, NetEnt itself will release some of its official footage demonstrating the game in full, and then we will provide a detailed review of the game as well.

The day before the release, NetEnt will announce the bonuses and free spins that will then be available. With such a far-off release date, there is plenty of time for us to speculate on what Hotline will involve. For now, though, stay tuned and keep checking back, as we will update with more information on Hotline as and when we can.

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