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Hook's Heroes Slot Review from Net Entertainment

This is a castle that has been appreciated by many players. It's easy to understand why so many have been charmed and thus become regular players. Hook's Heroes have many strengths that can capture players. Hook's Heroes are exciting while also entertaining thanks to their thematization. Hook's Heroes is, in other words, a prime example of a modern slot on online casino that has a lot to offer to its players.

We have tested Hook's Heroes and of course also made a review. There are many little nods that can be smart to use and know about to be successful in the game. Behind Hook's Heroes stand no less than Swedish NetEnt. It means almost always that you can expect a lot of the game. NetEnt is skilled at developing fun themes and always strives to keep the player on honeymoon.

Hook's Heroes

Graphics, Animations and Theme

As for the game's features, these are very conventional. You play Hook's Heroes with five reels with three rows each, no strings there in other words. You start by choosing how much your bet should be. You have a lot to say about when it comes to how much is invested. You can put as little as 2 crowns at play.

If you feel a little adventurous, you can choose to deposit a total of $ 200! In other words, it fits players with big and small wallets. You change your bet at the bottom of the game screen by using the arrows. It is the coin value and the level of the bet that will determine how much you bet. Hook's Heroes have fixed paylines. After this, just use the SPIN button as in this game there are two arrows that symbolize a spin.

Gameplay, Functionality and Symbols

The game's simplicity allows it to appeal to many different types of players. It simply feels like a game that does not exclude anyone. One of the reasons that it is such an easy-to-play game is that it has been made easy to put the efforts. In addition, it is easy to understand the game rules. Most players know the theme again. Hook's Heroes have to do with the old legend of Peter Pan. If not, use free spins no deposit required offers to try the game.

Mobile Gameplay

In Hook's Heroes there is no progressive jackpot. However, there are also benefits with it. A progressive jackpot works so that the game takes a very small percentage of the bet and deposits it into the progressive jackpot. Eventually someone will bring the jackpot and then win all the money in it.

In other words, without a progressive jackpot, you collect all the money in just your game instead of becoming one of many creeks small that flows out to someone else's big win.

You can still get home really nice wins in Hook's Heroes. At most, you can win 190,000 coins. In other words, depending on whether you have chosen a high coin value or not, you can win a lot of money in the game if you are a high roller!

Payout and Betting Options

Instead, this is the focus on Hook. Now it will make the theme so interesting in a kind of metaplan. The theme is a group of children who make a theater show about Hook and his pirate pole. It's a new and very interesting grip that NetEnt chose to take in this case. It really succeeds, and the result is hell!

Hook's Heroes Slot Summary

Try Hook's Heroes for free. It is a way that you can test without a proper bet if the game is for you. You can also learn how to play to maximize your winning chances.

Enjoy the developed bonus features. With so many exciting bonus and free spins options, you can really beat home a nice win with a little flow.

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