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Glow Slot Review from Net Entertainment

The video slot Glow was first released as an exclusive title at Betsson but was also made available to the rest of the NetEnt's NetEnt casinos in January 2016. It is a relatively domestic wilderness story with a northern light as a background and animal that resembles some futuristic glowing rock carvings. It is a rather simple slot machine that performs better on the mobile than in the computer. Max profit is relatively low with its 94 600 coins, but RTP is quite high at 96.7%. The frequent free spin still makes it an OK video slot, but not much more. We list all the best internet casinos at our site.


Graphics, Animations and Theme

It's hard to predict what a player wants, but we may think NetEnt is good at predicting it. You do not need any experience to play on Glow and as we said before, it's a game for everyone. The game has a calming effect with its beautiful colors and music. The symbols that we can find in this 5-reel slot are letters, numbers and then you can find different animal faces painted in primitive art almost as the Indians painted on their totem pads. The colors we think may be a bit inspired by the movie Avatar. What do you think? We list all the best live casinos at our site!

Gameplay, Functionality and Symbols

You play Glow on either your mobile or computer, and the layout is based on three symbols in height, five in width, and fifteen fixed pay lines. Winnings are created with combinations of three identical symbols but must start from the first wheel from the left, and of course, be one of the fifteen pay lines. The most expensive host symbol, however, only requires two of the benefits. The bear acts like a joker and can show up on wheels two, three and four to create winnings. A win created with wild doubles the value of it.

Mobile Gameplay

As we said in the introduction, Glow Touch for mobiles and tablets is much better than the desktop version. Not because the games differ in any way, but for that reason it's simply a simple game that requires extremely little interaction. Turn and hold the thumbs, much more than that, which in our opinion fits better on a mobile.

Payout and Betting Options

Free spins are common in Glow, since any profit created with animal symbols in addition to the actual coin winnings also generates a number of freezes. Two moose give a free-spins, which is the only symbol that only requires two of to win. Three identical animal symbols on a pay line also give a free spin, this also applies to the elk. Four pieces give two turns and five give five. If you win on multiple pay lines, the free spins are added to each other.


Once inside the free round that starts automatically, all wins are multiplied by two. If you get a wild here you will get four-fold wins on that line. In the free spins, you can generate additional free spins that are added to your free-kick balance. The additional turns are generated according to the same rules as above.

Glow Slot Summary

Glow is a new game from the Scandinavian game maker NetEnt and we can say so much is that they continue to create creative and innovative online casino games, which makes them follow the trend in the gaming world. When you play Glow, you get a Nordic feel about harmony and calm then the music and the colors are relaxing. Dream your way to the northernmost part of Sweden, feel the cold temperature and how it hurts when you go to the snow.


Suddenly you see the sky filled with colors like blue, purple, green and turquoise they dance over the starry sky you are met with warmth. It's really magical to see a northern lights and we hope you've seen one. So sit down under the starry sky and wait for winnings, it's not hard to win in this slot machine and it's not dangerous to play on it so it's a win-win situation.

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