Ghost Pirates
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Ghost Pirates Slot Review from Net Entertainment

Thieving pirates in the form of ghosts are the theme of this dark but incredibly exciting slot machine is what Ghost Pirates are. Here you can win a total of 243 lines. Cheeky animations can embellish the wheels and of course there are bonus games that increase the thrill further.

Ghost Pirates

Graphics, Animations and Theme

If you as an online casino player never have tried to play Ghost Pirates, it's time now! This is because, as a player, you can find the exciting treasure chest hidden in the game before all other players who play the game at the same time.

As a video slot player, you will be able to experience a very beautiful cartoon horror movie version that consists of the pirate world and has a highly suggestive sound that will lead the players' thoughts to some kind of nightmare that comes from the ocean. But do not be put off by this without making sure to drive this game to get home the big winnings that are offered.

Gameplay, Functionality and Symbols

The game means getting a ship, made up of dead pirates in the exciting gaming machine Ghost Pirates. You might ask the question what is really so special with a pair of pirates? Yes, the pirates look and dress really crazy and they dedicate themselves to more or less taking from the rich and living in general.

This means that, as a player, you can make sure to live the ghosts in Ghost Pirates, thus making sure to swing around in the game sail to get home the big winnings and to collect all the free spins available.

Mobile Gameplay

You can access Ghost Pirates and other NetEnt casino games from your mobile device. The NetEnt Touch games can be accessed through browsers and apps with both Android and iOS device.

Payout and Betting Options

This game is very easy to get in for new players, but you can also say that it fits very experienced casino players online, as well as those who feel like trying something new. The game begins to be mentioned and known in the gaming world. The game itself consists of a total of five wheels as well as three entire rows.

With the help of the lines you usually see, players as a player can bet in a regular so-called slot machine, which in this game has been transformed into a so-called game mechanics with all optional bet levels.

Ghost Pirates Slot Summary

Which bet level you choose as a player determines how many wheels it will be spinning in the game. There are also so-called wild symbols to win. These symbols come out of the pirates' skull, and these symbols, as mentioned earlier, can replace all other symbols. The wild symbols can be the one that determines that you get home the big win. In the game Ghost Pirates you get to meet a bunch of beautiful, beautifully drawn and crazy characters like Peggy Rotten, One-Eyed Ed, Capsules, Parrot Polly, Guns, Anchor, A Crazy Monkey, Bottles, and a Bomb. Good luck!

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