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Emojiplanet Slot Review from Net Entertainment

The Emojiplanet is just one of all news coming from NetEnt this year, this slot game will be released in August. NetEnt chose to release the news about the Emojiplanet already in 2016 and many are looking forward to testing this game.

Most games coming from NetEnt hold a very high quality while there are many exciting game effects, this is considered to be the case even for the Emojiplanet. Many casinos will give you the option to play this slot game.


Graphics, Animations and Theme

NetEnt loves game features that make their games unique, they usually use win-win, different types of wild symbols, features that can come from nowhere and transform the entire board, bonus games and much more fun. It will be impossible to say what this game will contain as no game from NetEnt is the second one.

What you know with certainty is that it will contain lots of Emojis, lots of features and likely to be really fun to play.

Gameplay, Functionality and Symbols

As you probably have already figured out, just emojis will be the theme of the Emojiplanet and here you will find all the symbols that you usually chat in the online world. It's simply social media and the symbols you can find in text messages that have finally taken off and created their own slot game with their own little world.

All your favorite symbols will be found in the game. You do not really know what the Emojiplan will contain when NetEnt has been very secretive with features of the game.

Mobile Gameplay

To get an idea of how the Emojiplanet will look beyond what we already know, NetEnt slot game features five wheels with three symbols in each, already here we know it will not match and this wheel will be around like a planet.

There are also a certain number of paylines that you can play. Most often you can choose how many lines you want to bet, you can also set the coin value and the bet level.

Payout and Betting Options

However, one is sure that even this game will have five wheels. However, there will not be three symbols in each wheel, but instead the wheel will be more round like a planet. There will of course be bet levels and coin values ​​that you can set to customize your gambling according to your needs.

This means that you will be able to invest very low amounts in the Emojiplan and also very high amounts. Probably you will be able to bet somewhere between 0.02 and 100 per spin. However, some games from NetEnt allow you to bet as little as 0.10 per spin. However, it includes only a pay line that you are investing in and can be a solution when you want to stay alive.

Emojiplanet Slot Summary

Even free spins will certainly appear in the Emojiplanet, but here you do not really know how they will look. These can be common free spins, free spins that come with a multiplier or free spins that have brand new effects that you've only dreamed of before. You are therefore sure that there will be wild symbols and free spins rounds in the Emojiplanet.

Then you can not specify too much how these rounds will actually look and the final launch will be in August and then you will of course also be able to play the game. It's only when you know everything about this game.


It is also believed that since NetEnt has invested so much in advertising this game before it has been released on the market there will be at least one special feature that makes this game unique and different from the other games on the market.

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