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EggOMatic Slot Review from Net Entertainment

In the slightly different slot machine EggOMatic, we move to an egg factory full of robotic wines and peaks. Here are a lot of bonuses, including cash winnings of up to 2500 coins and 50 free spins.

Using the egg, which moves above the game on a conveyor belt, and a wild symbol, you can trigger one of four different bonus features.


Graphics, Animations and Theme

Each game round in EggOMatic means a chance to win free spins. There is no symbol for these on the playing field, but free spins are controlled by the green egg that goes above the playing field on the conveyor belt. This egg is marked by how many free spins are inside, it can be 7, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 50 free spins hidden inside the shell.


When a wild symbol hits the wheel under a green egg, free spins are activated. During game rounds with free spins you can win additional free runs through the green egg on the conveyor belt. It's the eggs on the conveyor belt to keep track of if you want access to the extra features. We have already talked about the green egg that shares free spins, but there are three more to play about.


The blue egg labeled with W is the symbol that gives Spreading Wilds in the game. Spreading Wilds is awarded when a wild symbol matches the egg. Then all adjacent symbols, except the wild symbol, are transformed into the Spreading Wilds.


The gold-colored egg marked with numbers means extra winnings. The number shown on the egg is how many coins the egg contains. At most, you can get 2500 coins and at least 50 coins. Given that this amount can be combined with a win from one of the input lines, the sums may get high when you insert a gold egg.


The last egg is multicolored and may contain any of the above eggs. Matching this with a wild symbol means a surprise every time as you can get everything from free spins to a big extra win.

Gameplay, Functionality and Symbols

This plant is not populated by common chickens, but here are the robot versions of the animals that apply. The one who is most worthy is the white tip, closely followed by the chicken with the heart on the chest. Successfully combining any of these with one or more wild symbols can lead to really big wins, especially when you have Spreading Wilds on the playing field.


There is only a special symbol that appears on the playing field automatically, and it is the Wild symbol. This can produce a Spreading Wild, if combined with a blue egg on the conveyor belt. The highest win available in the game is 94 750 coins, which is not bad for a short visit to the egg factory.

Mobile Gameplay

Players who like mobile casino can play EggOMatic on any such event. The mobile version has the same bonus features and sound effects, which means you can always bring the egg factory wherever you go.

Payout and Betting Options

In this game, the RTP, ie the theoretical profit statistics, is 96.5%. This means that it is only a small percentage of all wagering money that does not return to the player in any form.

EggOMatic Slot Summary

EggOMatic is a slot machine with a fun game idea and simple yet stylish design. It's quick to get started with the game and all the different symbols make the game colorful despite the gloomy factory environment. With a 96.5% RTP and a highest win of almost 95,000 coins, EggOMatic is a game that can deliver great returns in a short period of time.

The idea of ​​having an egg on the conveyor belt gives the slot machine a different touch and raises the excitement of the game. When it is the multicolored egg that is on the conveyor belt, there is an extra torque because any bonus can hide inside. Find an online casino and start today!

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