Slots Machine Games on UK Casinos Online 2018 - The Best Guide to NetEnt & Microgaming Slots

On Casino Experts we aim to guide you to the best casino games online. Slots are by far the most popular game today on UK casinos. Thanks to these exciting and innovative games are online casino bigger than ever today in the UK. In combination with table games and poker is the slot games really had an impact throughout the country.

On this page you can find the background of slot machines. You can find a full guide on real money slots and free slots. You can also read about providers such as NetEnt and Microgaming. Find all you need in this guide about these exciting games! Good luck!

Slot Machines – The Most Popular Games of Online Casino This Year

We travel back to the 1970 's and takes a ride on one of the ferries which operated on the seas. They still go but times have changed. In the 1970 's, these ferries frequented as a destination where you could buy Tax Free, party, eat well and not least play. There were many who were attracted because they were one of the few places where you could experience a casino in miniature including slot machines.

At the time, they looked very different, not nearly as advanced as those online slots we find at online casinos which, among other things, NetEnt develops and supplies. This was clumsy mechanical creations without any special features beyond the three wheel that spun with classical symbols such as cherries, melons, lemons, bar signs and plum. Slot machines was the common term and there was still a certain feeling to put in a coin and then pull down the long lever. Not at all like today's games available on PC and mobile phone casino.

There were no free spins, no bonus games and no advanced animations. It would only spin three wheels inside a glass top and something you should admire the mechanics behind. To build a slot machine with all that implies in terms of random number generator is very complicated and takes a lot of effort.

New Times and New Casinos – NetEnt Lead the Way

Then came the 1990 's and with the Decade a whole new platform to discover both for individuals as well as companies. Initially many were sceptical regarding the commercial part. Individuals were concerned at the prospect of paying something with his debit card online, companies saw not potential and some even claimed that it would never be able to replace old proven channels used to reach potential customers, but oh so wrong they were.

A sector on the other hand, saw the potential immediately and began to exploit the new phenomenon almost immediately. The casino industry which spent enormous sums on building games palace in marble and mahogany realized early on that this was a great opportunity where it was possible to reach out to customers who otherwise probably would never have a chance to visit them. Other companies realized at the same time that software was needed to build virtual casinos and focused on titles with both proven classic themes as well as exciting new. New casino sites online have brought development forward for each year that has passed.

NetEnt was one such company that are among the pioneers and they are considered today as one of the world leaders in this niche. Not at least thanks to their slot machines that attract millions of visitors daily at online casinos. With software and online slots was opened also to functions that previously could not be created on the slot machines. On slot machines could create bonus games like free rounds of play, where some combinations gave free spins no deposit, or new customers was rewarded with such direct deposit.

Real Money Slot Games Online – More Than Just Spinning Wheels

Today many fantastic creations where several steps have been taken beyond those mechanical bandits who were once pioneers. Now it is no longer limited to three wheels. Today we find the slot that starts off with beautiful animations which, although it is very short but in quality can be compared to the animated feature films that Pixar and Studio Ghibli inside. The most common games with five wheels over three lines, and can be set both in terms of monetary value, and number of lines to be played.

At the traditional slot machines, there was always the combination on the middle row that decided the dividend, but with new digital online slots you can play several where the three horizontal lines can pay out, diagonals and zig zag pattern. Both settings affect the size of the stake will be on every spin, but they also determine how large the chances are and how much you can win on a single spin.

What has made the slot machines to the games that attracts the most visitors are the bonus games and these can be quite extensive. The simplest variant is when the specified number of a dedicated symbol awarding free spins where the player in other words get X number of free spins, which in many cases also enable other features. For example, the symbol for these free spins occur more frequently. In addition, you can increase your chances of winning by using casino bonuses.

In the second bonus game, you get to choose one of several identical symbols behind which hides an amount, and the amount they manage to choose rewarded the player with. NetEnt, which is a Swedish company, has been very prominent and delivered some of the most popular titles in this bet, where they constantly present new slots and new innovative features. We will certainly get to see many games to come in which the creators get even smarter and more innovative with their creations and give us exciting opportunities for good returns.

Summary Online Casino Slots Games

Playing online is an experience that can be compared with a visit to a physical casino, and anyone who thinks that it is not possible to achieve quite the same feeling may have never tried online casino. Certainly, one can never recreate the entire presence of pattering short, bouncing balls, rattling the chips in an environment with real people moving between tables and slots, but we have made good far thanks to technological advances, and if a live casino today is the closest we can experience a real casino waiting for new innovations. VR is expected to be large soon, where a pair of goggles attached to PC or mobile can step into a whole new world.

And those who think that a physical casino always beats a virtual, maybe they should think about considering what can be created with the software in the form of both games and portal. There are functions that can be easily installed on a games portal, which is not nearly as easy to apply at a casino in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. And as far as slot machines, at a single games portal is it possible in some cases to find over a thousand different titles, many with rolling progressive jackpot. It's something a physical casino can't match. Good luck and have fun!