Online Scratch Cards 2020 - Strategy Guide & Rules for Playing Scratch Cards and Casino Online

Most people know of scratch cards by buying them in their physical form from a newsagent or supermarket. This style of scratch card has long been popular and is usually comprised of a small piece of card with a covered section. Under this covered section there are usually several symbols, or information, that needs to be revealed for the player to know whether they have won a prize or not.

These scratch cards can be used for multiple different things. Most commonly, they are used as a form of gambling, but other uses include: free-of-charge cards for a quiz of some kind; fraud-free cards advising a phone call; or sometimes they are even used as ways to hide PINs for mobile phone top-ups.

The Development of Scratch Cards Online

For some, the entire area needs to be scratched off completely for the player to know if they have won or not. Others require three matching symbols from a certain number to be revealed. Players need to check the rules, usually printed clearly on the back, as in some instances a winning card can be invalidated due to too many areas being scratched clean.

Scratch cards have been around for years, partly due to their low-cost appeal. Shops offer many different types of scratch cards, and, usually, the prizes will be dependent on the price of the card. Many of the cheaper ones often payout in the form of gifts rather than cash prizes, and it is only the more expensive scratch cards that will pay out in cash.

With the real scratch cards, there are some problems, however. On occasion, scratch cards for specific prizes are still in circulation even though all the major prizes have been won.

There are now some sites that make this information available to the public so that players can avoid these cards and aim for something that might still yield a prize. This brings us on to the online world. With the advent of more casino and lottery sites, online scratch cards are becoming more popular.

How to Play Scratch Cards Online

Online scratch cards are set up in the same way that the physical versions are – there is an area that needs to be scratched off to reveal symbols underneath which denote prizes. However, they come in two different forms. Some can be accessed on the website itself, or some need to be downloaded.

Both can come with various themes and prizes attached. When found on casino or lottery sites, these scratch cards are usually cash prizes only. The price per ticket will reflect the top cash prize. Some scratch cards can be purchased for as little as 0.05 per card, but the prizes are correspondingly smaller. Others can cost 4.50 or more, but then the cash prizes are, of course, greater.

To play, the player needs to find out what the winning requirements are. As with real-life scratch cards, the player can use their computer mouse to ‘scratch’ specific areas of the scratch card clean. There are also options for auto-reveal, however, for the benefit of those players who are a little more impatient and want to find out if they have won or not. Scratch cards winnings will be automatically and instantly added to the account the player has created with that site.

Best Scratch Card Sites Online

When looking for an online scratch card site, players must be aware of potential scams. As with other gambling sites, there is a chance that the site might not be reputable, so players must check to see if the site is registered with an authority.

This will help to ensure that the site is following gaming laws. Also, it is worth looking to see where the software creating the scratch cards comes from, and whether it is audited regularly by a third party company. Payment options should also be checked, as this will give players a further idea of the validity and trustworthiness of the site.

There are many scratch card sites available online. In fact, many reputable casino sites offer scratch cards as part of their soft games collection, so it is worth having a look at these sites as well as scratch card-specific sites. Lottery sites also offer a lot of scratch cards in several formats and ticket prices.

How to win on a Scratch Card

A lot of players tend to dismiss scratch cards as a soft casino game. It is felt that the winnings are not really worth the amount of money put in. Added to this, they are purely based on luck, with no chance that strategy can have any effect on the outcome of the game. Be that as it may, there have been some of the best winnings from scratch cards, both online and offline.

There have, in fact, been several 1 million wins made from a simple scratch card - dramatically changing the cardholder's life. Some have been even greater, with some wins going into the multi-millions. The great thing about these scratch cards is that they are all instant-win and, depending on the country of origin, tax-free.

Scratch cards may not appear to be as lucrative as other casino games, but, for a quick flutter and some gentle fun, they are well worth a go. For the most part, though, players should not be expecting the big wins, but wins in the hundreds do seem to be a pretty common occurrence.

Many online sites will actually specify on the scratch cards which ones have a higher success rate or value for money, thus aiding the players in their decision - though at the end of the day it will probably come down to budget.

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