The Best Online Casino Software Providers in the WorldCasino Game Providers 2019

Gambling has been proven to be one of the favourite pastimes of numerous people across the world. In the mid-1990s people who were frequenting land-based casinos started to shift over to online casinos when they were introduced. Online casinos have now mushroomed across the world thanks to the convenience they offer, not forgetting the exemplary graphics and variety of games that are on offer.

Just as specific software is required to perform various operations on a computer, so online casinos run on specific software which is formulated and devised by various casino software providers across the globe. To be more precise, online casino software providers are the backbone of online casinos. Read more in this guide and get started looking for your favourite game today!

Why are Casino Software Providers so important?Why are Casino Software Providers so important?

Most online casinos don’t create the games which they run in their casinos on their own but instead lease the software and game from the software providers. The casinos run primarily on the exclusive software that these online casino software providers develop using various technologies. Some providers have converted land based casino games into online ones, while some cater exclusively to the online market.

Most new online casinos are completely dependent on these software providers to create the slots and table games in addition to the security and payment getaways. Some online casinos use the software from more than one software provider. Casino software providers devise games that can either be in a downloadable form, insta play mode or as a mobile compatible version.

What are Online Casino Providers Working with?What are Online Casino Providers Working with?

One of the most important things that a casino service provider works with is the random number generator (RNG). This plays a significant role in displaying a random string of numbers or random cards when a lever is pulled or a card is dealt in an online casino. A player can rest assured that, with the RNG, the game is completely fair in an online casino. If a player plays with a casino bonus or free spins, the RTP will be a lot better.

Return to player (RTP) percentage payout is another concept on which an online casino software provider works. The RTP is the percentage of all the wagered money that a casino will pay back to the player over a certain period of time. House advantage is the complete opposite of the RTP and denotes the percentage of advantage to the casino. At present, due to severe competition, software providers offer a complete casino solution and take great pains to develop games with exemplary sound, graphics and themes.

Comparing Casino Service Providers with each otherComparing Casino Service Providers with each other

There are numerous casino software providers which offer online casino solutions, sports book, and multi- player solutions. There is no sure-fire criterion to decide which software provider is the best, as one provider may be offering casino solutions with great graphics but weak game play, while another casino provider might score in that area but lose out in terms of technology.

To be more precise, software providers are always analysed on a myriad of criteria such as, payouts, design considerations, theme, graphics and sound effects, not to mention game play, number of casino games and provision for live casino games.

The Basics of Pay-outs at Online CasinosThe Basics of Pay-outs at Online Casinos

Payout is a term that a casino gamer hears frequently. The term refers to the rate that is associated with online slots. This rate is determined through the RNG software and is generally done so that the players get a fair chance of winning in the online casino. Independent auditing bodies then determine the payout percentage using numerous cycles. Put more simply, it is the money that would be paid back to the player if he or she wins in an individual game or casino.

At present the leading casino software developers build slots with 95% payout rate which means that for every £100 spent by the customer the online casino will get £5. Payout percentage is very important for a player as a high payout percentage means a higher win.

Importance of Casino Software Providers from the Players PerspectiveImportance of Casino Software Providers from the Players Perspective

Casino software providers play a significant role in the experience that a casino gamer derives from the online casino. The casino provider’s service makes an immediate impact on the gamer and determines his loyalty and his interest in the casino. For example, when a gamer finds that the online casino utilizes the services of casino software providers such as Microgaming, instead of a cheaper second rung software provider, it automatically increases the trust quotient of the casino player.

The number of software providers has increased dramatically, and online casinos play it safe by having a wide selection of games from multiple operators. This offers a wide variety of games from different genres and allows for many variations. This is advantageous for gamers, as they are able to visit a casino and enjoy a complete package of games from a wide variety of software providers instead of a single operator, thus making the casino software provider invest more in research to develop games that would be of interest to the casino player.

Best Software for Real Money Casino GamesBest Software for Real Money Casino Games

Playing with real money adds to the excitement that stems from playing casino games, and when playing with real money a player expects trust and dedication from the casinos. To offer such services, the casinos should run on the best software that is suited for real money casinos. There is no clear winner using this criterion either.

Microgaming has released the highest number of real money online casino games, while the collaboration between NYX and NextGen ranks a close second in the list of real money software. NetEnt is ranked third in the list of real money casino service providers. Betsoft, Thunderkick, Playtech Evolution Gaming and Elk Studios are also part of the preferred software list for real money games in online casinos.

The Leading Providers in the Online Casino IndustryThe Leading Providers in the Online Casino Industry

Microgaming is good at creating theme-innovative slots and table games, is famous for creating the first progressive slot game and has created over 800 casino games. Playtech can be ranked on a par with Microgaming and has set up tough competition for the former, creating some popular online slots. This provider can also take great credit for its live and mobile games. NetEnt games are famous for their stunning graphics and game play while being original and innovative at the same time.

There are numerous other casino software developers, each a leader in its own right. On the whole, Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech can be named as the industry leaders with IGT, Betsoft and ELK Studios also a part of the list. There are many more casino developers such as everyTIME, SG Matrix and Aristrocrat waiting to break into the ranks.

Without industry leaders like Microgaming, Betsoft, IGT and many more that create software exclusively for online casinos, the online casinos would cease to exist. If there is one set of people whom the online casino enthusiasts need to thank, then it’s the casino software providers who take great pains to create games of various genres based on various themes. With many more casino developers in the fray, the casino industry and the players are in for a windfall.

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