Online Poker 2019 - Strategy Guide & Rules for Playing Poker and Casino

Poker has long been a favored table game at casinos. The combination of skill, strategy and pure luck draws in many. Over the years, the game has been developed and improved, so that now there are multiple variants of the game - each promoting one or other of the previously mentioned aspects.

The common denominator, however, is the way that the betting takes place. All variants involve betting on a player’s own hand versus what they think the other players are holding. It is this strategy and skill in reading the table, cards and other players that is so important to the game and one that budding players try to hone.

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How to Play Poker Online

Depending on the variant of poker, there are in fact many different rules. For the most part, though, the general overarching rules are the same – place bets on one’s own hand and try to create the highest-value hand possible. The most commonly played variant is Texas Hold’em, and it is on this version that we will concentrate. Videopoker is also a popular casino alternative of the game.

A relatively simple version, hence its popularity, Texas Hold’em starts with each player being dealt two face-down cards. This then prompts a round of betting where players can make their first decision, mainly as to whether they will stay in the hand. After betting is completed, three community cards are in the middle of the table - face up, so that all players can see them.

All players can use these community cards to add to those in their hand, in an attempt to create the best hand possible. Another round of betting follows, and then a fourth community card is dealt. Once again there is a round of betting, and then a final fifth card is placed in the central cards.

Players then take the time to create the best five-card hand they possibly can. This can be a combination of the cards in their own hand, or they can use all five community cards. At this point, there are two ways of winning. Firstly, one player can bet so much that everyone else simply folds. This is the usual way, and doesn’t necessarily mean that the winning player has the best hand. The other way is called a showdown, where players in the hand turn over their hole cards, and the player with the highest hand wins.

Tips on Becoming a Better Poker Player

For many, a game of poker is just some fun with which to pass the time with friends. For others, however, it can be a lifestyle. There are a few simple tips that can help to boost a player’s game from that of a beginner to serious challenger in a relatively short time. The best guide for online poker playing is outlined below. You can also read more about other games such as scratch cards and online bingo here on

Whether playing online or in a real setting, these rules will set any player in good stead. One of the first rules that anyone playing poker should abide by concerns their emotional state. Poker is a game built around focus, and any negative emotions, such as sadness, anger or simply being drunk, can have detrimental effects on the game play. Poor focus will promote detrimental play that can lead to losses and therefore further lack of focus. If you prefer playing more luck-based games, blackjack and roulette are two great options.

What Mistakes to Avoid When Playing

A common mistake made by many new players is to play every single hand. Whilst it is understandable that many new players want to play poker, staying part of the action isn’t always the right way. Playing more rounds does not mean winning more often, and in fact can result in the exact opposite, as new players will simply telegraph their moves to those who are more experienced.

Continuing on this theme, players should not be staying in a hand simply because they are already in it. Thinking that a lot of effort has already gone into this hand and staying put is a bad move. If the hand being held cannot be improved, no money in the world is going to change that, and, if the pot is called, the player is inevitably going to lose.

In conjunction with this, poker is not all about bluffing. Many players bluff for the sake of it. Again, more experienced players will soon pick up on this, and be able to read a player’s tell. Bluffs really only work in a few situations, and, for the most part, should actually be avoided - especially as a new player.

Other simple rules for a newcomer are: to pay attention to the cards that are on the table; to watch other players; and not to play a table with limits which are too high - i.e. play at a level suited to one’s own, and with limits that fit the amount of money in one’s bankroll. Playing too high will result in immediate losses, and potentially an elimination of the bankroll in its entirety.

Where to Play Online Poker this Year

When it comes to casino sites online poker is very prevalent. Casinos tend to offer it in a number of different forms, which allows players to choose their ideal game. Most commonly, online poker comes in the form of video poker games. These come in a wide variety of forms, such as Joker Poker or Jacks or Better and will each contain their own rules. There are also virtual poker games available, which will stick to the regular rules of the specific variant. Some of the best poker sites online will offer live poker options.

This is something relatively new to the online world, and, as such, only a very select few games, such as Casino Hold’em, are available in this format. This allows players to play from home, but interact with real dealers and other players online. It evokes a more realistic feel of the casino environment. Other poker sites will offer players the chance to join in on poker tournaments, which also provides an opportunity to practice and hone skills.

Online poker affords players the chance to play poker from the comfort of their homes. By offering a wide range of poker versions, players both new and old can experience different styles, all the while improving their poker playing abilities.

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