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Skrill - Online Casino Payment Method

Skrill was previously known under a different name, Moneybookers, and is a convenient way to send and receive money or pay for products and services online. Many online casinos offer this payment method and it is one of the most popular alternatives today. The service is currently proudly known as the world leader for transactions at online casinos.

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How does it Work?

This is a very modern, secure and fast payment method and is what most of us like to call an e-wallet. Getting started is very simple and there are only a few steps before you can start using the service. You need to start off by registering an account, which includes adding some personal information and connecting either your bank account or a credit card to your new e-wallet. Signing up is completely free of charge, but you do need an email address to be able to use Skrill.


When your account is ready to go, you can upload money through the credit card or bank account. It will not take long until the money arrives and you can start spending it online. You can make instant payments and you can also use the service for withdrawals.


The way it works is that you create your account by filling in some information and then you wait for a confirmation email that you need to verify. You add your payment details so that you can quickly and easily transfer money to your new wallet. There are 40 currencies to choose from and your information is stored safely. When everything has been verified, you can finally start using your new Skrill wallet. You can send funds to friends and family, shop online, or use it to make a deposit to your favourite online casino.


You can use Skrill in at least 200 different countries today and transactions are quick, easy and secure. If you decide to select Skrill as your payment method at an online casino, you need to remember to enter the same email address you used for your Skrill account. Once this is done you select a deposit amount and the transaction will be processed when you have logged in to your account. The funds can be accessed immediately, and if you do happen to win you can also request withdrawals by using Skrill. The process is very similar and there are no fees added to your transactions.

Advantages with this Payment Method

  • It is available in 200 countries and you can pick one of 40 different currencies
  • It is very secure
  • Transactions are instant
  • Skrill allows you to withdraw your funds
  • The service is free of charge
  • Your payments to online casinos will be completely anonymous
  • Most online casinos offer this service as it is a very popular method

Disadvantages with this Payment Method

  • It is possible that fees can be added depending on what you choose to do with your funds
  • Registering a new Skrill account does take quite some time. You need to add personal data, payment details and you need to verify your account as well as your credit card or bank account, depending on what method you want to use to upload funds

Review and Summary

Skrill is a payment method that fits most people. Once you have registered an account it is very easy to transfer, send or deposit money and the fact that you can use this service for withdrawals is a really big plus. This is a very popular method for a reason, and it is used by millions of people around the world who consider it a safe and convenient alternative for payments online. You can also get a prepaid card with Skrill if you want to shop in physical stores, and you can join their VIP program.


The registration process is quite long and you have to complete a few different steps before you can enjoy the many perks, which is a negative aspect of the service, but it is worth it in the end. You will be anonymous when making payments online and you can be sure that your funds are safely stored online. An e-wallet from Skrill is a great way to handle online transactions. It is fast and free of charge, which is another big plus worth remembering.

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