Online Casino Payment Methods

Online casinos can offer a number of ways for players to deposit money into an online casino account, with many companies striving to offer a wide choice to ensure they cover a number of preferred payment methods to cater to their customer’s needs. The most popular payment methods for deposits in online casinos can have rules and fees applied to them, so it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with everything on offer to find the right  method for you.

In this guide to online casino transaction methods, you will be able to read about the pros and cons of each one. You will learn more about withdrawal times and security. Encryptions and secure transactions are important when making your deposits and withdrawals to online gambling sites. You can read more about these things in this comprehensive guide, together with much more.

Deposits and Withdrawals with E-Wallets

Playing casino games online is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and with online casino numbers increasing year by year, payment methods for online casinos have also seen an increase.

We have collected all the relevant information regarding payment methods for online casino account deposits, providing full explanations as to how these methods work and any possible fees that could be associated to each of these options. This information will help you decide on the best method to use when looking to deposit or withdraw money from your online casino account.

The methods using e-wallets has seen a big increase in popularity over the last few years as the main advantage of this method is security. An e-wallet account is an easy way to protect your personal information and financial details from third parties. An e-wallet account is an easy way of paying into online casino accounts and with an e-wallet you can link multiple debit/credit cards to one account for even more simplicity.

E-wallets are available through various companies, with some of the most popular being offered by well-known names such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. PayPal is a popular online payment system for retail and auction websites; however its popularity across new casino sites is still in its infancy. The e-wallet system has seen an increase in use over casino sites as users like the extra protection such a method offers.

Deposits and Withdrawals with Credit/Debit Cards

Using a credit or debit card to add money to an online casino account is a quick and easy payment method, and until recently, this was one of the most common methods used. The rise of e-wallet accounts popularity has seen a decline in credit or debit card transactions in online casinos.

Users that want to add money to an online casino account using a credit card or debit card will need to fill in the card information. The card number, cardholder name, CVV code and expiry date will all need to be entered to use a card for deposit and withdrawal.

To use this method, simply go to the deposit page and select credit/debit card as your option. When you have entered the relevant information you simply choose the amount you want to add and it will appear in your account immediately. Charges for this payment type will vary from operator to operator.

Which Online Casinos Accept my Preferred Payment Method?

If you have a certain method for payment that you want to use for your online casino account you will be able to check if the casino accepts this form of payment by visiting the dedicated page. Here you will find a list of all accepted methods of the particular online casino operator. The payment options will usually include credit or debit card, or using e-wallets. When it comes to casino bonuses and free spins it doesn’t matter which method you are using.

You should check that the website allows payments by your preferred method before you begin playing. There can be different fees and deposit/withdrawal amount limits applied to each separate method and you should familiarise yourself with these before your start.

Online payment methods each have advantages and disadvantages associated with them, and you can review these by looking through the explanation of different types and review any applicable fees or limits set by any particular online gambling website you wish to use. The website will list these rules and limits on the transaction guide page of their site, so you can determine the best payment method for you to select.

Which Payment Methods are Safe and Secure?

The payment options recommended here are all considered safe and secure, although some payment methods offer more security than others. An example of this would be a debit or credit card option, which in itself is secure, but if you should lose the card there is a risk of someone else using it. With methods such as the e-wallet, your card details are stored in a secure account and these can only be used for payment when used in conjunction with your assigned password.

This gives e-wallets another layer of protection when compared to traditional credit or debit card payment methods. Many online casino websites focus heavily on security, this ensures players are assured of protection of their information and you will find all the information you need about account security on the help section of the casino website.

New Payment Methods in Online Casinos

Back when online casinos first came into being, you could mostly top up your account by using a debit or credit card. However, as the years go on, new methods continue to be added. By providing multiple payment methods online casinos allow players to find the payment methods that best fits their needs. The more convenient the available options, the more players will be inclined to play as the hassle factor is taken out of topping up their casino account. Online casinos are savvy; they know that making things easy for their customers equates to players who play more frequently.

One of the main concerns for players when deciding how to top up their casino account is the fear of giving out their personal information, or security concerns regarding the electronic transfer of funds, as well as the reluctance to pay hidden fees associated with transfer costs. Thankfully, online casinos have understood these fears and have added new methods that help to address these concerns. One of the new methods is Skrill, which can be used in a few different ways, as an e-wallet, a pre-card and as a money-transfer vehicle. There are some fees associated with withdrawing and depositing onto an account, but these are relatively small.

Another payment option is the new Boku system, which is a mobile phone payment platform and a system that connects mobile phone providers, players and casinos. When players want to deposit money to their casino account through Boku, this amount is added to their mobile phone bill and players only need to provide their mobile telephone number to the casino when making payment. Another mobile payment option is Zimpler, created in 2016. The most attractive features of Zimpler are the convenience of mobile payment, anonymous deposits and the fact that players can limit their bankrolls, which can help players control their gambling expenditure.

Some online casinos have embraced Bitcoin the cryptocurrency. This method has started to gain in popularity with players due to the convenience and bonuses available. Many players like to use Bitcoin because deposits to online casino accounts can be made very quickly, likewise making withdrawals is also very fast. The transactions are secure with no third parties involved and importantly, the fees are almost negligible. Welcome bonuses are another attractive incentive for players to use this cryptocurrency. The main downside to Bitcoin is that its value may fluctuate as it is a relatively new currency, but it seems that this has not deterred players.

Which Payment Methods are Quicker?

All the various payment methods on offer for online casino play are generally very fast. E-wallets are designed to deliver fast options for an online casino account with optimised withdrawal and deposit features. These accounts are designed to offer instant deposits. However, card payments are also quick when using them for deposits or withdrawals.

The speed of a payment option will be dependent on the casino you are choosing to play at, as each casino may have different processing times for different options.

Generally all online payment processes are designed to happen as quickly as possible in order to offer convenience. Online casino companies know that you want to be able to enjoy your online gaming instantly, with this in mind the deposit process will be streamlined to deliver your funds to your online account as quickly as possible.

Should I Choose an E-wallet over a Credit/Debit Card?

The choice between an e-wallet or credit or debit card payment usually comes down to an individual’s preference and previous experience. Many people find credit and debit cards easy and quick to use for online payments.  If this is the method used most often in the past, then people tend to stick with what they are familiar with.

E-wallet accounts are more attractive to people who prefer to keep their financial information anonymous from the online casino, instead using the e-wallet company to securely store this information.

The deposit process is quick and simple with either of these popular online payment methods. E-wallets add another layer of protection to your information as this is held securely by the E-wallet company and never disclosed to the website you are making payments on. This is quickly becoming the most popular way to make payments online. This is due to the added security and peace of mind that comes with an E-wallet.

Do I Need to Own a Credit Card in Order to Play at Online Casinos?

Online casinos want to offer their online casino games to as many people as possible. This means, you do not have to have a credit card in order to make a deposit. Online casinos accept many payment methods including e-wallet payments or fund transfers using deposit cards.

Popular e-wallet accounts include PayPal and Neteller, and there are many companies and financial institutions that offer deposit cards that can be used for online payments. If you have a debit card, this can also be used for a withdrawal from or deposit into an online casino account. Online deposits are not just restricted to credit cards.

How are Casino Winnings Generally Paid Out?

Online casinos usually pay back any winnings to the card or payment method used to deposit the initial funds. For example, if you paid with your debit card then your winnings will be paid back to the same card you used.

Some methods of payment only allow deposits and not withdrawals, such as Paysafecard. With other words, another method will have to be selected to pay out winnings.

Each online casino may have their own rules for withdrawals, such as certain minimum amounts for paying winnings to credit cards, and you should review these rules to ensure your preferred method is accepted for withdrawals.

Of course, your winnings can be left in your online casino account. This will allow you to play casino games with the winnings you have accumulated if you don’t want to cash them out.

Does my Location Dictate the Choice of my Payment Methods?

Payment methods can vary from region to region and country to country. You will find details of acceptable options on the page of the online casino website. The methods accepted by an online casino can differ depending on where they are and where you are playing from, so ensure you review their policies before you begin playing or set up an account.

Transaction information and methods for any online casino will be clearly stated in the section, and it is best to check these before you begin, to ensure you are able to use the payment method of your choice.

Generally, the most popular methods such as credit or debit cards and E-wallet transactions are accepted by online casinos. However, it is always best to check the section to see if your preferred payment method is offered by the casino before you create an account.

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