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UK players are spoilt for choice when it comes to playing online casinos. There are a large number of UK casinos available to players, including non UK casino sites, but sometimes even this breadth of choice does not meet their needs.

With this in mind, there is also the option for players to access a non UK casino instead, as a way to get around Gamstop. These are casino sites that are not licensed by the UKGC and that therefore have certain advantages, as well as a few drawbacks when it comes to playing at this type of online casino.

This page will guide you to the best non UK gambling sites, which include casinos accepting UK players. We will teach you how to use a match bonus offer and find the best software providers to enjoy the best gambling experience online this year.

Top Non UK Casino Sites

What are Non UK Casinos?

For many UK players out there, the fact that there are online casinos outside of the UK will not come as a surprise. Despite the UKGC’s tight hold over UK-based casinos, there are many more casinos found outside of their jurisdiction, which many players may even have played it without even knowing it. Some of these are even operating within the UK without a UKGC licence. These non UK casino sites occur because of a few different reasons, and these include:

  • The online Casino is based off-shore
  • The casino is based in a different market but extending reach from their origin
  • They offer various payment methods and casino games

There are several differences that players need to be aware of when accessing though. For instance, these casino brands, although often providing their services to UK players, are operating outside the jurisdiction of the UKGC. This means that they do not have to follow the strict rules and regulations that are set out by the UK. Instead, they will follow the rules from the jurisdiction within which they hold their licence.

Because of this distinction, these sites also come with some risks and rewards that players will need to weigh up when considering whether or not to play at one of these sites. These include security levels, bonuses, game options and a lot more. All of this will be covered in detail in this article. Continue reading to find out whether joining a non UK online casino site is the best option for players looking for added fun.

Non UK Gambling Sites

Today, there are plenty of Non-UK based gambling sites accepting UK players. These gambling operators usually offer several products such as bingo, casino games slots casino and much more compared to normal casino operators.

Non UK gambling sites are generally offering a gaming experience and a game selection at the same level as online gambling websites holding a gambling commission license. The non UK Registered gambling sites do, and as a matter of fact, many times offer a deposit bonus higher than their licensed competitors.

When using a bonus at these gambling sites, make sure to check the wagering requirements for the casino. The same thing goes for non UK betting sites, bingo sites and poker sites. A Non Gamstop gambling site sometimes offers a huge welcome offer, but the terms could be higher at non UK sites compared to regulated ones. So make sure to check the facts such as the min deposit before claiming the welcome bonus.

What is the UKGC?

As a starting point, we will take a look at the UK Gambling Commission and what exactly this governing body does. Unlike many other governing bodies in the gambling industry, such as those found in the US, for instance, the UK Gambling Commission doesn’t seek to prevent or restrict gambling among its citizens. It does have some very stringent rules in place. Still, these are designed to provide a safe and secure, regulated environment to help their players have a more positive online gaming experience.

  • UKGC has strict regulations.
  • Online casinos not following regulations can have licence removed.

The UKGC will regulate any form of commercial gambling that occurs within the UK, and this doesn’t just mean the online sites. Any casino, arcade, lottery or sports betting site or venue is required to have a licence with the UKGC to operate. The UKGC will request specific paperwork from these businesses and venues to ensure they are eligible for the licence and then will conduct strict monitoring to ensure these websites continue to offer quality services.

Getting a UKGC Licence

One of the reasons why there are many non UK licensed casinos is the fact that the UKGC rules and requirements are rather strict. Getting a UKGC licence can take quite a long time as the necessary paperwork needs to be completed in order. On top of that, the casino is required to pay quite a large fee to obtain the licence and will have to pay yearly fees for this licence to be kept.

  • The licence takes 16 weeks to process
  • Requires annual fees
  • Criminal record checks required

However, there are some major pluses for a casino that has a UKGC licence. The biggest one is that any casino with a UKGC licence is automatically considered to be fair. Simply having a licence from the UKGC means that the casino’s reputation automatically goes up, which in turn encourages more people to sign up to the site and play. However, for operators, the steep fees and regular annual payments may be too much, meaning they opt for a licence elsewhere.

Licensing from Non UK Jurisdictions

While the UKGC is unequivocally considered to be the best in the business, there are several other jurisdictions that an online casino can get a licence from. Some of these are on a par with the UKGC, offering similarly high levels of security. However, others are not. This does not mean that casinos with licences from these other jurisdictions are automatically disreputable. However, it does mean that they accept UK players will need to do their research when choosing where to play.

Each of the different jurisdictions has their own requirements in place. For the casino to operate within this country or area, they must follow these requirements or run the risk of having their licence removed for non-compliance. On top of that, each jurisdiction has different laws, requirements and fees that the operator must abide by and pay. The result is that there are many different licences and levels of security to be found at these types of online sites.

From an operator’s perspective, many of these other jurisdictions are a lot cheaper to obtain licences from when compared to the UKGC. On top of that, many of them will have faster processing times, enabling potential casinos to get off the ground faster, offering their services to players more quickly. Of course, some of these websites may still operate at high standards by themselves, even under a different jurisdiction. Some of the top licencing jurisdictions in the industry include:

  1. Malta Gaming Authority
  2. Gibraltar Licensing Authority
  3. Curaçao e–Gaming Licensing Authority
  4. Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  5. New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement
  6. Cyprus National Betting Authority

Curaçao Licensed Non UK Casinos

Curaçao is one of the more popular licences obtained by non UK casinos that are not registered in the UK. This is because this licence is one of the cheaper options out there, has a relatively fast processing time and does not have such strict rules and regulations as many of the other jurisdictions do. One of the big draws for operators to licence with Curaçao is also the fact that it is possible to use cryptocurrencies under this licence.

However, it’s important to note that any Curaçao licence is actually a sublicence granted by just one of four companies holding a Master licence from Curaçao. Any non UK casino or sportsbook will need to go through these holders to get their licence. Furthermore, Curaçao licences have one of the widest reaches, enabling casinos with this licence to reach out to players from the UK as well as players from the US, Canada and large numbers of European countries.


Some of the Top Non UK Casinos

Ass we have mentioned there are several non UK based online casino brands, offering great slot games as well as promotions such as no deposit bonus and free spins to new players. Non UK slots are more popular than ever, and you can easily sign up and make a deposit to get started at one of these casino brands that accept UK players.

  • Red Lion Casino
  • Win Diggers Casino
  • Jackpot Charm Casino
  • Fortune Clock Casino
  • Agent NoWager Casino
  • Wild Casino
  • Luck Casino
  • Magic Reels Casino

Malta Gaming Authority Casinos

For players looking to find a casino that offers standards similar or equal to the UKGC, then the Malta Gaming Authority or MGA is the place to look. Running a close second to the UKGC, the MGA also requires operators to undergo strict registration processes and also maintain high levels of security. The MGA is very conscious of any players accessing sites under their jurisdiction too, making it easy to get in touch if there is an issue.

What’s also great about the MGA is that often these websites will also have a licence with the UKGC, which only helps to enhance the standing and reputation of the casino. In short, a casino holding those two licences really can’t be doing any better! However, if the casino does only hold an MGA licence, they are likely to follow the rules strictly and therefore will not allow any UK players to join their site even if they want to.

Are Non UK Licensed Casinos Safe?

The biggest concern when choosing to play at a non UK licensed casino is the safety and security it offers. As we have mentioned, all websites do not fall under the jurisdiction of the UKGC but abide by the rules of the governing body they operate under instead. Many of these bodies are not as strict in their requirements, meaning that some elements of security are often lax. This opens up the possibility that UK players could be exposed to fraud.

This typically extends to the level of encryption found on the site, with some websites not even having strict protocols in place. This means that some player data could be given to third parties without consent. On top of this, some of these non UK licensed sites will not bother going through Know Your Customer (KYC) processes or verification. While this can be good for some players, it ultimately means a huge reduction in the level of security available.

In the United Kingdom play slots sites offer new players a wide range of video slots a chance to deposit using credit cards and other options for a deposit. These can usually be used to claim a bonus to play for extra money. The bonus is usually a deposit match, and sometimes there will be a bonus code needed to claim the offer.

Make sure to check the wagering requirement for this type of welcome deposit offer before you start playing at one of the brand new slot sites that accept UK players. The rules might vary from sites licensed bu the UK Gambling Commission.

IT support and Software at Non UK Casinos

In addition to the overarching security issues, other problems might arise. For instance, some of these casinos will not have the best customer service. Those players used to access UK-based websites may be accustomed to 24/7 support and instant live chat options. This isn’t always the case at websites such as these, which often can leave players hanging for a few days – if they even answer an email at all. All of this makes careful selection a must.

On top of this, the software available at these casinos is not always as good as it could be. Many of these sites will only have software from lower-level game providers, and these providers may not be as fair as players would like. The games might not be monitored as regularly either, meaning there is a skew in who is likely to win, which can mean players will lose a lot of money when playing them.

Anonymous Signups

A final aspect relating to security at the non UK registered online casinos is the fact that many of these sites enable players to sign up anonymously. What this usually entails is a faster signup process with less need for players to input as much identifying information. In some cases, there is no need to provide ID at all, which can be beneficial to players initially but can have consequences down the line if things do go wrong.

Some sites don’t even require players to make an account. All that they need to do is make a deposit and play. Again this can have its positives and negatives when it comes to playing online, and it’s really up to the individual player to take the risk where they feel it is acceptable. At the end of the day, though, we do recommend finding a site that does require verification as this will be safer.

Gaming Options at Non UK Registered Sites

Non UK casino operators have many different gaming options available to players. However, the options available will, just as in UKGC casinos, depending on each operator. Hence, it’s worth players checking out all the gaming options before signing up. Usually, though, these sites will have a similar set of game genres available to their players, and this includes popular categories such as slots, virtual table games, instant win options and a live casino.

What is often surprised at some of these websites is the sheer number of games on offer. This is made possible because these sites can use software from a greater range of software providers. Many of these providers don’t reach the requirements set out by the UKGC, which means their games cannot be offered at UKGC-licensed sites. However, casinos outside the United Kingdom do not have the same issue, meaning players can get access to thousands of new and exciting games.

Game Options at Non UK Casinos

Usually, as with most casinos, the slots section is the largest. Here players will be able to find a wealth of games, although often some of the exciting progressive jackpots from the likes of Microgaming and NetEnt will not be present due to the licensing requirements. Players will, however, get to enjoy a wide range of other chance-related games, including keno, bingo and instant win scratch cards, all from a range of new providers and still offering stellar gaming experiences.


Non UK sites also offer a ton of exciting virtual games, including popular options such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Players will usually be able to find a range of video poker options too, again from other developers. Finally, there’s always a live casino. Often these games will be proprietory or powered by Ezugi, which actually means a greater number of choices – including some more unusual card games like Teen Patti alongside a greater number of dealer language options.

Bonuses at Non UK Licensed Casinos

A big draw for UK players looking to play at non UK licensed sites is the fact that these websites often have very impressive bonuses. These bonuses can be huge because the site has not had to pay such large fees for the UKGC licence – nor do they have to pay taxes to the United Kingdom as part of their business operation. While these bonuses are usually available in the form of a match deposit bonus, they are frequently substantial.

What this means is that players from the UK can gain a much bigger bankroll boost. In some cases, these websites might give matches of anywhere from 100% to 400% up to values of 1000 EUR or even more, which is vastly greater than UK sites can offer. Besides, many of these bonuses are available on a range of different gaming options and not just limited to slots or virtual games, but will include live games, poker and even sportsbooks.

Free Spins at Non UK Casinos

These sites are also often able to provide massive amounts of free spins too. This is especially noticeable during the signup process, where hundreds of free spins may be awarded when accompanying the first deposit. The only thing that players will need to consider here is the games these free spins are available for. Many don’t have the same high payout percentage as those found at UKGC-licensed casinos, but the fun will remain.

When it comes to bonuses, though, players are advised to check whether UK players are actually eligible for them. Many of these sites will allow UK players but the bonuses don’t apply. On top of that, some of the payment methods most commonly used by online gamblers, such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill, are often either not available for use or are not eligible for any of these bonuses. This means that players will have to choose an alternative, less preferred deposit method.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Non UK Casinos

While it can be a good thing to go for a non UK casino, there are many disadvantages to doing so, not least in the fact that the site is not going to be as well-protected. If anything does go wrong, UK players will not be able to fall back on the protection of the UKGC, including self exclusion so any money that is lost throughout whatever incident occurs will not be claimable. Therefore players join at their own risk.

As these sites are not designed to take on UK players, it’s also likely that GBP will not be one of the available currencies. This means players will need to select an alternative currency, which could mean that they encounter large conversion fees. On top of this, local payment options won’t always be available either. The final point UK players should consider is the lack of top game developers at the site, as these will all require higher-level licences to be playable online.

Advantages of Non UK Sites

As well as the many points we’ve made throughout this article, and there are a few other advantages to using non UK sites. For instance, there are often no taxes for these websites, meaning players will get a bigger portion of their win. On top of that, many of these websites are regulated by top jurisdictions, so even though they’re not under the wing of the UK, they still operate stellar platforms. Finally, they will also offer games that cannot be found in the United Kingdom.

Payment Options

Similar to the UK-based online casinos, non-UK casino sites will offer a wide variety of payment methods. These will vary between casinos, so players will need to check to see whether the methods they prefer are available. It is worth noting that most of the casinos will offer a good variety of options, including credit and debit card payments, as well as a range of eWallet options such as PayPal and Neteller – although, as we’ve mentioned, often these two can’t be used when claiming bonuses.

One of the big plus points for using non UK casinos is the fact that many of them will offer cryptocurrencies as a payment option. This does make them stand out from the UK-licensed sites, which are only slowly coming around to offering this type of payment method. Cryptocurrency offers players a fast and speedy way of making transactions while also skirting around any possible fees. It also offers the bonus of being completely anonymous.

  • Range of payment options
  • The UK preferred payment options not always offered.
  • Not all casinos will accept GBP

When it comes to making a deposit, players wishing to sign up to a non-UK registered site should always choose one that offers a number of the more well-known payment providers. In this way, players will be able to make speedy and secure transactions without the possibility of their money going astray. On top of that, players should be aware of any currency conversion fees, withdrawal and deposit times and any fees put in place by the casino that might affect their gaming.

Tips for Choosing the Best Non-UK Casinos

As some of these sites can be a little dubious when it comes to licensing and security, players must take the time to find a site that’s safe and secure. As a starting point, players should always look to see where the site is licensed and choose one that is with a reputable body. Good sites will have the logo at the bottom of their main page, and the licence can then be easily checked to ensure it is real.

Another good way to check out the type of casino and its reputation is by taking a look at casino reviews. These will help players determine the goals of the site and whether it cares about the players that have joined up. It’s also possible to see player reviews too, and in this way, potential UK players can see if there are any issues or fraudulent activities taking place that might affect their gameplay at the site.

Can UK Players Join Non UK Online Casinos?

A final, and rather major, point to consider is whether the casino even accepts players from the UK. As the UKGC is rather all-encompassing, many websites that do not hold their licence will not let UK players join. While this can be circumvented by using a VPN, this is something that we do not recommend. It is better to find a site that allows UK players; otherwise, a UK player might find their account terminated and themselves blocked from the site.

Non UK Licensed Casinos FAQ

What is the UKGC?

The UKGC regulatory body for casinos and casino sites operating in the UK.

What are non UK licensed casinos?

Casinos that are regulated by a different country’s regulatory body.

Are non UK online casinos safe?

Yes, but not all, so players need to choose carefully.

Can players use offshore casinos accepting UK players?

Yes, but security and safety will not be the same.

What are the best non UK casinos?

This will depend on the player and their personal preferences.

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