"You can win real money, free spins, super spins, mega spins or additional coins." Highroller Casino consists of the city of Metrocity and as a citizen at Metrocity, you get a kind of citizenship; You will be credited coins only by staying there, whether you log in or not. But Metrocity is a big city that unfortunately has suffered a lot of theft, like any other big city nowadays. The difference here is that you can just share the thefts of the city's coins. Create an avatar, give it a name and start your discovery journey of Metrocity!

Your task at the casino is to rob you through the city, district district and you move forward by playing the various casino games on offer, for real money. You will be able to follow your movements on the map, where you can also see how far you have until you reach the next district.

There are probably not many who have actually taken part in a theft crash earlier, but now you have the chance! On the map, you can not only see how far left you have before you crossed the entire district, but you can also see how far left you are to the next theft strike, or Sting as they are also called at the Highroller.

An asterisk is just what it sounds, you get the chance to steal coins. But it's not from anyone you can steal. There are players who have not logged in for at least 5 days as you plunder. So be careful yourself, do not log in, you risk losing your coins! Once you have gone through an entire district, you will of course be greatly rewarded before moving on to the next district. You can win real money, free spins, super spins, mega spins or additional coins.

What will you do with all your wealth when you have collected enough coins? You are obviously on a shopping round! Visit the Highrollers shop where you can swap your coins for goods and rewards. Read about this and much more casinos just alike at our home page.