Playing with money on the internet has never been more popular than at the moment. Today you can play with money in over 200 different gaming companies. One of these gaming companies is Spinrider. Here the players are offered enormously good deals that hardly can be denied. At Spinrider, there are exclusively casino games on the wallet.

Here are a number of interesting offers that are hard to say no to. Although Spinrider is relatively new, they have already established themselves well on the market. You have a wide range of different casino games, which means that very many players seem to have found the right one. Spinrider has also chosen to stay in the forefront of promotions and offers. Something we love!

Now, Spinrider Casino players have the chance to win a brand new Porsche 718 Cayman Coupé. This flashy car can now be yours, provided you register as a member of Spinrider. Once you have done this as a player, a deposit is required. For each 20 you deposit, you get 1 point. These points then accumulate to a total amount. What, on the other hand, differs from other gaming companies is that the winner usually is the one who has accumulated the most points. The winner of Spinrider will be selected by a random draw.

For example, after collecting 500 points, you will receive a ticket. This is your entry to the big draw. If you manage to collect another 500 points, it means you get another ticket, which increases your chances. The number of tickets to be collected before the draw is unlimited. Good luck with your gambling and do not forget to never play for more money than you can afford to lose.