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What is a Scatter symbol?

As a term you will frequently come across in the world of online gaming, especially in relation to slot games, the scatter symbo

2019-02-20  11:14:22

Video Lottery Terminals Explained

Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) is simply a gaming machine that gives gamblers the ability to wager in a casino, based on the outco

2019-02-07  11:36:26

Betting Shops vs Online Casinos

The rise of online casinos in the last decade has shaken the gambling industry to the core. The traditional brick and mortar bet

2019-02-07  11:33:36

What is Pontoon?

Pontoon is an arithmetical game that can be compared to blackjack or match play 21. Pontoon's Malaysian version is played in var

2019-02-07  11:30:59

Best Table Games in Online Casinos

Table games have been in existence for a long time. They have become more and more popular thanks to Hollywood glamour. Almost e

2018-12-10  16:20:53

Highest Jackpots Won

Financial gurus preach that wealth is grown gradually over time through investments over an assortment of healthy portfolios. Ja

2018-12-07  10:48:27

Tips for Table Games at a Real Casino

The painful truth is that you always go to the table casino with the fear of losing your money. In fact, it is the reality. Give

2018-11-26  12:25:26

What is the difference between bonus money and free spins?

Free spins and bonus money is a recurring theme among online casinos - but what's the difference between bonus money and freespi

2018-09-19  09:59:32

Gonzo VR Launch from NetEnt

Market driving gaming organization NetEnt declared on February 6 that they will dispatch their first virtual opening machine, fo

2018-08-29  06:07:47

Swedish Gaming License from 2019

Something that has been difficult to avoid lately is the discussion about the changes in the Swedish gaming licenses. The giant

2018-08-03  13:06:50

Macau - The number one gambling city

What many do not know is that the biggest single casino experience in the world is in Macao (English spell: Macau) - a province

2018-07-27  10:48:52

Will Vegas host World Cup 2026?

This year´s FIFA World Cup is just over. France won 4-2 in the final to Croatia. With a lot of surprises such as Croatia, Belgi

2018-07-20  12:17:13

Massive Aquisition on the Gaming Market

"The Stars Group Inc. (NASDAQ: TSG; TSX: TSGI) (“The Stars Group” or “the Company”) announced today that it has agreed t

2018-07-13  10:04:00

Epic €38,395 win on Casumo Casino

Now here's a true feel good story, folks! A fellow from Gothenburg, Sweden placed a €1 bet on Mega Fortune at Casumo Casino on

2018-06-20  10:14:27

Zlatan signs for betting company

In the beginning of this week it was announced that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be the new brand ambassador for the Swedish company

2018-03-29  06:13:50

Five Casino Movies that you Must See!

When someone mentions casino and movies in one sentence, chances are that people will first and foremost think of James Bond.But

2018-03-09  08:51:53

Online Casino to Reach The One Trillion Mark

A study made by the British research institute Juniper indicated that the online gambling market could reach a one trillion doll

2018-03-06  07:48:20

New UK Gambling Strategy in place

UK Gambling Commission, the British regulator for gambling have shaped a new strategy for 2018. The new focus will first and for

2018-03-01  07:36:23

Pennsylvania the New Hub for US Casino

With California and Nevada usually seen as some of the most progressive states in the United States, Pennsylvania are now the on

2018-01-22  08:27:56

Leo Vegas enlarge their UK portfolio

2018 starts with a large acquisition within online gaming. The Swedish operator Leo Vegas, recognized as one of the best mobile

2018-01-19  10:03:19

Future of Japanese Pachinko Games

Pachinko has been one of the most popular games in Japan for decades. In 1995 it had an estimated 30 million players. The popula

2018-01-05  09:25:47

India to Tacke Illegal Gambling

One of most lucrative markets for online gambling is India. As the world´s second most populated country there is a big interes

2018-01-04  15:03:50

New Bitcoin Jackpot Launched!

No one have missed out on the hype around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over the last couple of years. With the Blockchain

2018-01-02  10:34:03

Is Brazil the next big online casino market?

It is the home of football and samba! People go there for the white beaches and for the Rio carnival. And with a population of o

2017-12-28  19:01:41

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