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Pennsylvania the New Hub for US Casino

With California and Nevada usually seen as some of the most progressive states in the United States, Pennsylvania are now the ones making headlines for their new gaming laws. It is seen as the one state paving the way for other states.It recently became the fourth state to legalise casino and other sorts of gambling online. They are also looking to introduce one flagship casino, followed by 10 smaller ones, competing with the “Indian Casinos” that you usually see all over the states. With California and New York being slowly moving, experts now think that New York and California might follow the pattern if the benefits are good.Facts about PennsylvaniaPennsylvania borders in east to New Jersey, in the north to the state of New York, in the west to Ohio and in the south to Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia. The by far biggest city is Philadelphia with 1,5 million citizens. It is followed by Pittsburgh. It is also the home of the city Scranton, famous from the comedy TV show “The Office”.The Pennsylvania company Penn National own the right for the construction of the new casinos, and they did beat three other bidders to get the final contact. The casino will be built close to Interstate 83, which also is close to Baltimore, another major city in the area.Benefits from the regulationThe governor of the state signed a contact that also legalised online casino and poker. This meant Pennsylvania became the first state to do so since Delaware. The online gambling is believed to become available to the people of Pennsylvania by the end of 2018. These are some of the benefits believed to come from the legalization of gambling in the state:·       Over 200 million of tax money.·       New jobs for the population.·       Economic growth for the whole region.·       A smaller black gambling marketLooking at previous states doing a similar adaptation, the regulation in the state are thought to become a successful one. Keep updated with more news on the subject at this page.

2018-01-22  10:27:56

Leo Vegas enlarge their UK portfolio

2018 starts with a large acquisition within online gaming. The Swedish operator Leo Vegas, recognized as one of the best mobile casinos in the world, have bought the assets of Intellectual Property & Software Limited (IPS). This gives them control over brands such as Bet UK, Slotboss, and UK Casino. All of them are well known in the UK and has been a go-to destination for UK casino players for several years.With a mobile first approach, the Stockholm stock exchange listed company have gained a lot of recognition recently. With great bonuses and offers to new and loyal players, Leo Vegas is a popular destination for UK gamblers. With many similar competitors, Leo Vegas have found a niche that many players like. They also launched a sportsbook recently and with the Olympics and World Cup 2018 around the corner, it is not only a great year for casino, but for sportsbook too. Leo Vegas was founded in 2011 and have constantly grown each year. Up until recently they worked solely with one main brand but with the acquisition of Royal Panda and the recent buys, it seems like that strategy is about to change. They have recently also founded the sister company Leo Ventures that will develop in-house technology for online gaming.The purchase is worth around 65 million GBP and it financed partly by cash. A large part of the acquisition is thought to be related to the technical platform provided by IPS. Leo Vegas are taking large steps into becoming one of the main online operators. With more brands and more technology they are very likely to rival online gaming giants such as Kindred and Betsson Group in the future.

2018-01-19  12:03:19

Future of Japanese Pachinko Games

Pachinko has been one of the most popular games in Japan for decades. In 1995 it had an estimated 30 million players. The popularity has decreased recently and twenty years later the figure is thought to be around 10 million. The growing popularity of videogames and an aging group of players are thought to be some of the reasons behind the decline. Teenagers and young adults are more likely to play console platform games and online casino, rather than pachinko.Another reason is thought to be the fact that coins are being used in the classic game machines. With Japan striving to become a cashless economy, this will not help either. This leads to the thoughts that the future of pachinko is most likely to be online. With many different and simple payments options available for online play, the games are likely to move from giant gaming halls to people´s living rooms over the next decade.However, there are some question marks about how well pachinko will adapt into the online world. With casino sites offering fun games for nothing with free spins no deposit required, many people may not keep on playing static games such as pachinko anymore. Another question raised is whether is will be included in a regulated and licensed gamign market. The pinball type of games is just in between arcade games and gambling, which means a licensed gaming market may or may not include it.With licensed landbased casinos thought to open up in 2023, together with online licensed, there are still time to include pachinko into an online gambling regulation. With an estimated 3,2 million gambling addict in Japan, there are definitely people raising questions about how to legalize gambling. But on the other hand, this will most probably add to a safer gambling environment for Japanese players. Follow all the latest developments about online gambling here on Casino Experts.

2018-01-05  11:25:47

India to Tacke Illegal Gambling

One of most lucrative markets for online gambling is India. As the world´s second most populated country there is a big interest in gambling. Sports such as cricket have many millions of viewers and the interest is growing by each day. However, the gambling market is poorly regulated. With next to none regulation, officials estimate the black market for sportsbetting to be worth an estimated 2 billion USD.The black underground gaming market has lead to problems with corruption and fixed games in the national cricket league IPL. This is one of many reasons to why many politicians now want to regulate the market. This will firstly and foremost affect betting but online casino is also thought to be affected in the future.The regulation would cover everything from license and taxation for operators, but also affect player´s safety such as limitations of deposits and maximum bet. Indian officials have looked at the UK model and the UK Gambling Commission. To use the tax money from betting to finance the nation´s youth sports is something that has been discussed.It is estimated to take at least two years to go through with such a regulation to reach a national license for gambling in India. Just as many other large countries such as Brazil, China and Russia, politicians have started to see the benefits of licensing the national markets for betting, lottery and casino.

2018-01-04  17:03:50

New Bitcoin Jackpot Launched!

No one have missed out on the hype around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over the last couple of years. With the Blockchain technique Bitcoin, Ripple, LightCoin and several other currencies have increased their value many times over. This has pleased investors and started to make people all around the world to question to the classic economical system. Also within online gambling, cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, have grown to become more popular.The operator site Lottoland have now decided to implement a new jackpot game where a large amount of Bitcoin can be won. The first price of the draw is 1000 Bitcoin, which today is worth close to two million euro. The currency has however fluctuated a lot recently, and even if the value at the time writing is set, it could change rapidly. This could potentially mean your jackpot win can be worth either a lot more or a lot less than it was at the time you won.The draw is open for players from a range of nations including the UK and each ticket will cost around 3 USD. This is a complete new concept and even if there have been big online jackpots won before, this could potentially be the biggest one depending on the future of the Bitcoin currency. If you like to play online casino with Bitcoin at stake, there are today 20 + casinos accepting this currency and it is thought to increase even more during 2018. Keep your eyes open and follow the news section at Casino Experts for the latest update.

2018-01-02  12:34:03

Is Brazil the next big online casino market?

It is the home of football and samba! People go there for the white beaches and for the Rio carnival. And with a population of over 200 million and people combined with a thriving economt, Brazil is tipped by experts to become one of the big future markets of online gaming. Many people already gamble online in the home country of many great footballers, but there are still plenty of development to come. Most of the gambling such as poker and sportsbetting is still happening offline.With no gaming regulation, problems with online payments and a lower Internet penetration than Europe and the United States, Brazil is yet a new market for online gaming. With a lot of land based lottery and bingo going on, the online market is yet to pick up. Some larger bookmakers such as bet365, Sportingbet and Unibet have already entered the market and more are likely to follow.A national regulation has been discussed and with it´s huge population it would mean the largest regulated market in the world. With a huge interest in football and sportsbetting offline, the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia might be the start of a new online gaming market. A KPMG report valued the current market to be worth more than 2 billion USD and it is very likely to grow considerable over the next decade.A regulated market would make it easier for players to deposit and withdraw money legally and for the government it would bring some much needed tax money. Stay updated by reading our news here at and look out for a Brazilian section on the website in the future!

2017-12-28  21:01:41

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