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On this page we have collected all the latest casino news from the casinos we watch and list on this page. We are constantly looking for the latest news about casinos, offers, promotions, games and regulations. We want to help our players to become more successful and win more money.

What is a Scatter symbol?

As a term you will frequently come across in the world of online gaming, especially in relation to slot games, the scatter symbol is a key symbol that grants the player various fun bonus features designed and integrated within a slot game. When the scatter appears, there is no need for a winning line to be present on the screen. Their appearance on the reel automatically unlocks inbuilt mini games, free spins and other bonus features unique to the slot game being played. Scatters are generally represented by a symbol that is unique and characteristic to the theme of the slot game itself.Being a game-specific feature, the scatter symbol works a bit different depending on how the game is designed. Generally, a number of scatter symbols must appear in a single spin to unlock any given feature. In most slot games, the scatter symbol grants the player free spins, but sometimes it is also used to unlock bonus features on screen. In some slot games, scatter symbols just grant you a winning combination, automatically giving you a payout. The payout is usually a return on the bet plus a multiplier, with the multiplier value being determined by the number of scatter symbols appearing on screen.How Scatter Symbols are used in online casinosScatter symbols are more prominent in online slot and video slot games. Whilst scatter symbols do feature in some arcade slots and fruit machines, you are more likely to come across them whilst you are playing online slots or video slots. Scatter symbols tend to be a more standard feature on five-reel slots. Seven-reel slots, three-reel games, progressive jackpots, slots with bonus games and any other slot machine on the market tend to include a form of scatter. Again, whether scatters are part of the game, how they are represented and the feature they unlock solely depends on how the game is designed.Slot games have paytables easily accessible in gameplay, where the player can refer back for info on gameplay, special bonuses and features, info about symbols like wilds, scatters, bonus icons and what they stand for, payouts, as well as how all the symbols work on their own as well as in a winning combination. It is always a good idea to refer to the game's paytable before you start playing. This way you can get an idea of the game's potential and what to expect in gameplay. With so many slot games out there to choose from, the paytable can help make the choice much simpler.

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Video Lottery Terminals Explained

Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) is simply a gaming machine that gives gamblers the ability to wager in a casino, based on the outcome of a video game. It is a stand-alone machine (similar to the slot machine) that selects numbers randomly by use of a generator. There is a super-computer that monitors all the video lottery terminals in a casino. The machine allows only random bets and is bound to lottery jurisdiction. The payout in video lottery terminals is calculated as a percentage and is the average outcome of over thousands of spins. As a result, the odds in the game are always in favour of the casino.''Video Lottery Terminal is an upgrade to the famous traditional AWPs. The only difference is that VLTs are connected to a central gaming system and have no gaming card installed to them. It is the work of the central gaming system to process the game and its outcome. It is then displayed on the screen of the VLTs. Most VLT machines are multi-terminal; they can allow different games to be played on the same VLT machine. Most of the popular games in those current machines are roller-based. The game is also prohibited to all players with the age of less than 18 years.The advantages of VLTPlaying your game here is very simple. All you need is to place a bet. The RNG in the machine cycles through many possible numbers. The outcome of the game will be determined the moment the player hits the spin button. As a result, it is very hard to predict the results of the game. The game cost varies between €0.50 and a maximum of €10. Mostly, the VLT will accept coins, gaming tickets or even banknotes. When you win the game, you will get a printed ticket, which you have to present to the casino gaming operator for you to get paid.In case you win above €1,000, the anti-money laundering regulations must apply before you are given the cash. The maximum credit amount of a player to wager is relatively low here (usually around $100). The player has the opportunity to select different lengths of play time, depending on the amount staked. After exhausting the play time, the only option left is to either cash out or add another amount of play time. Bingo halls, horse racing betting agencies, sports betting agencies, and sports betting shops are just some of the places where you will find video lottery terminals are installed.

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Betting Shops vs Online Casinos

The rise of online casinos in the last decade has shaken the gambling industry to the core. The traditional brick and mortar betting establishments have been impacted due to its new-found online competition. Some Betting Business models have had to change rapidly in order to keep up with the lightening speed pace of change. So how do betting shops and online casinos compareBetting shops still have their market niche and are perhaps catering to the older generation, who, after many years, still enjoy going to their local bookmakers and placing a bet; a flutter on the horses or a bet on a football match result. These shops have unique challenges for their management, which include the higher fixed costs (in terms of overheads) and the limited number of customers (who usually live in the local vicinity to the shop). For players, they have a limited number of betting options and markets as well as slower up-to-date odds information when compared to online casinos.Online Casinos, on the other hand, have a huge degree of flexibility in how they operate their business. To add to this, they have access to a large number of customers thanks to the internet, and they offer many more types of betting with a larger and more varied market. If this wasn't enough, the reduction in their fixed costs also enables them to offer more free bets to players. This has been a key part of online casinos strategies; creating customer loyalty by offering free bets. However, keeping customers loyal is arguably the biggest challenge with online casinos due to the vast number of competitors offering similar services.The Development in the UKThe United Kingdom's Gambling Commission (UKGC) noted that the incline of online betting is now enticing many new players within the 18-24 age bracket. It is concerned that the multitude of advertising is significantly impacting this age group by enticing them to gamble. With online betting, this is easier than ever before as most bets can be wagered via the mobile phone, thus a whole new generation of gamblers are on the market. The constant bombardment of advertising is now changing people's habits and is creating long-term customers for many online betting establishments, but is a source of concern for some, such as GambleAware, the UK's gambling help charity.One can expect that due to the changes in technology such as faster internet speeds, more accessibility to mobile phones and other gadgets, more interesting and enticing gaming options will help the gambling sector see more significant rises in the number of customers placing bets online. Other factors such as convenience with players not having to physically go to a shop to make a bet as well as people's increasingly busy lives are further driving factors in the decision making process of customers. It therefore seems that business looks like it will be booming for online casinos and that they have a very bright future indeed.

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What is Pontoon?

Pontoon is an arithmetical game that can be compared to blackjack or match play 21. Pontoon's Malaysian version is played in various places in the world, and is especially played in Australian, Malaysian, British and Singaporean casinos. In other places, it is also known as Treasury 21. In Britain, a version of Pontoon with higher stakes called Shoot Pontoon is available in some casinos as well, but is much rarer than the traditional game of Pontoon as it incorporates the betting mechanism from Shoot. It is also played in Tasmania and over there, it has a different name, called Paradise Pontoon.Pontoon is not that different from blackjack as it has similar rules. It can be played by any number of players from two upwards, but works best if played with five or eight players. All the players need a supply of chips to use for betting. If there is a bigger number of players than eight, two packets of fifty-two cards can be used and mixed to accommodate other players. The cards have values. An Ace is worth one or eleven points at the holder's choice, while kings, queens, jacks and tens are worth ten points. The aim is to combine the cards to get a value of twenty one.Pontoon ExplainedA banker must be chosen at the start of the game. The first banker is chosen at random; whoever cuts the highest card. The banker then starts dealing a card face down to each player, starting with the player to the dealer's left side going round and ending with the dealer. All the players, except the banker, look at the card and starting from the left of the dealer, each player must put the minimum bet in front of him as agreed before the start of the game. The dealer then deals a second card face down, and if a player has a pontoon (Twenty one), then he must say.If the banker does not have a pontoon, then each player starting from the dealer's left side, has a chance to improve his hand by acquiring extra cards. A player can declare a pontoon where, if he has an ace and a ten point card, he can declare them, put them on the table with the ace facing up and the ten point card facing down. There are various other methods on how to improve your hand. So, get to grips with the rules and you could soon see yourself having some fun and earning some extra cash, no matter where you are in the world.

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Best Table Games in Online Casinos

Table games have been in existence for a long time. They have become more and more popular thanks to Hollywood glamour. Almost everyone has seen James Bond playing different table games in 007 movies. With the advancement of technology, different table games are now available for online casinos. Those casinos can be played on various mobile platforms available in the market. As a result, you are now able to enjoy your favourite casino game from the comfort of your couch. At we list all the best table games. Here, we are going to discuss some of the best table games available in online casinos. It is good to test them all before making the final decision.Top Casino Table GamesRoulette. It is one of the most straightforward table games available. There is a spinning wheel with red and black sections, and every section of the wheel has numbers. You don’t need to have skills to play roulette. Your win will be based purely on chance. The ball will be dropped into the wheel, and your job will be to guess where it lands. If you make a correct guess, you win. It is simple as that. You have an option to bet on different elements of the game such as the colour or even the number where it lands. Blackjack. This game requires some skills such as logical thinking to bit the dealer and win cash. There are several cards and each card as a value attached to it. As you play, you must make sure that your cards amount to a total of more than 21. In case you have a pair of cards that total to more than 21, you have beaten the dealer. Each of the winnings is 1.5x of the amount of the stake you placed. Before choosing your favourite Blackjack casino, make sure you check their percentage of return to the player. Make sure you select the one with highest RTP. Baccarat. The game requires very little from you. All you need is to pick and relax to wait for the outcome. There are three options for the player to select: whether you win, a dealer wins or a tie. The winning result must be the first to achieve 8 or 9 card points. In case there is none, the outcome will be a tie. The game has higher chances of winning since the probability is 1:3. To sum up, the three games are the best online table games that are in the market. Check them all out and choose the one which suits your taste. Happy playing!

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Highest Jackpots Won

Financial gurus preach that wealth is grown gradually over time through investments over an assortment of healthy portfolios. Jackpot winners, however, are among the lucky species that prove one can become an instant multimillionaire courtesy of the lottery. At our site you can find all the best online slot machines. You could join this exclusive club by participating in the Mega Million jackpot. According to website, players may pick 6 numbers from 2 separate pools of numbers. One wins the jackpot by matching all the 6 winning numbers in a drawing. The winner has a choice of receiving the money as an annual allotment over a 30-year period or receiving it as a lump sum payment.The top 5 jackpots ever won in the USThe $1.586 billion (Powerball) drawn on 13 January 2016 and was won by Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt (Florida), John and Lisa Robinson (Tennessee) and Marvin and Mae Acosta (California). The $758.7 million (Powerball) drawn on August 2017 and won by Mavis L. Wanczyk (Massachusetts). The $656 million (Mega Millions) drawn in March 2012, and had 3 winning tickets. The $648 million (Mega Millions) that Steve Tran (California) and Ira Curry (Georgia) won in December 2013. The $590.5 million (Powerball) drawn on May 2013 and was won by Gloria Mackenzie (Florida).The top 5 jackpots won in EuropeThe GBP 161.7 million ($260 million) won on 12th July 2011 in the UK was the largest jackpot in the pan-European EuroMillions. The €177.7 million (US$248 million) won on 30 October 2010 in Italy's SuperEnalotto. The €190 million ($240.7 million) won on 24 October 2014 in Portugal. The €190 million ($234 million) drawn on 10 August 2012 in the UK and was a single-ticket jackpot in the pan-European EuroMillions. The €190 million ($222.9 million) drawn on 6 October 2017 in Spain.Winning a jackpot is no guarantee of everlasting financial bliss. Review of past lottery winners reveals that they have a higher likelihood of going broke and declaring bankruptcy than the average citizen. Wisdom is the key in the management of the sudden cash. Winners can place a good chunk of the winnings in a high-interest earning savings account, have some in an emergency fund and also secure some in their pension account.  A winner can also talk to an expert to guide on how to invest in the stock market. Financial planners are available to help winners prioritize their needs and create a budget so that they manage the money prudently.

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Tips for Table Games at a Real Casino

The painful truth is that you always go to the table casino with the fear of losing your money. In fact, it is the reality. Given that a casino is a business geared towards making money, the odds are always in favour of them. It does not matter about your experience for you to lose money. You can play at a lot of different live casinos in our list. However, there are many people playing in casinos and having a fair share of wins. Do they have a charm? No! They have just mastered some of the tricks which have helped them to remain competitive. If you follow them closely, you will never regret having a hobby in table games. Before you leave your house to go to the casino, make sure you decide the maximum amount of money you can spend on the table. You should only carry the exact amount in cash. The moment you have exhausted all the money in your pocket, you should leave.  This way you will eliminate the risk of going bankrupt. Avoiding any form of distraction will help you a lot. Most table casino owners deploy tricks to divert the attention of players, such as famous rock stars on the stage, or attractive models who are there to make you lose concentration. Once you lose that, you lose your money.How to win at these gamesHaving proper time management will never fail you. When you play for a long time, you are likely to lose a lot. Most of the casinos will try as much as they can to make you lose track on time. You will notice that they will offer all sorts of entertainment to entice you.  Others have gone to an extra mile to prohibit the players from entering the casino with watches. Always strive to concentrate on the set time. It is better to have a to-do essential task which needs to be completed afterwards. It will help you to manage your time. Before you leave for the table casino, make sure you are sober.  Alcohol will impair your judgement and also suppress some of your senses. At this point, you are likely to lose a lot of money in the table. Most casino owners have taken advantage of this situation. They will entice you with free alcohol. Keep off from alcohol and concentrate on winning. To sum up, the above tips aims to give you some tips to win in table games. They all address the issue of concentration. Followed closely, they will help you to have a fun winning experience in the table. All the best!

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What is the difference between bonus money and free spins?

Free spins and bonus money is a recurring theme among online casinos - but what's the difference between bonus money and freespins really? Let's take a look at this, as well as watch some online casinos offering free spin and lots of bonus. Both kinds of rewards appear on almost all online casinos - and many of them can be enjoyed at no extra cost.Bonus money is very sought after, as you get a guarantee that you can enjoy all the games at the casino (provided that it does not contradict terms and conditions to play certain games). Freespins, on the other hand, is locked to a specific game or game developer such as Net Entertainment. If you get 100 free spins in Starburst you can only play them there, but you can play a 10 euro bonus regardless of whether you want to spin slots or think about the next move around the blackjackBonus money is what it calls its balance of bonus. It may be a bonus you get when playing regular free spins and won, or it may be a match bonus you have received on your deposit. The biggest difference between free and bonus money is that the spin is locked to a game while the bonus money can be played in all casino games.The only thing that can put sticks in the wheel for the bonus money is whether it's the casino itself that has rules for where to get and not to play with bonus money. It is not uncommon to limit bonuses in, for example, table games or live casino. But there are a bit more chances to win there so it's still fair - an understandable rule for many.Advantages of Bonus MoneyThe big difference between bonus money and free spins is actually what you prefer! If you are one who really longs for putting hands in free spins and slots, it's simply the best for you. On the other hand, on the other hand, it's a big bonus to get a really big welcome bonus - here at Casino Experts you'll always find the biggest bonuses.Free spins will always be available here, it does not matter if you are looking for free frispins or if you want to deposit and receive a bigger lump sum. However, we always pay attention to our readers to be careful about what bonuses you currently enjoy. Always read the terms and conditions before you apply to use a bonus to ensure that you have done everything possible to understand the sales requirements and any restrictions on the bonus.Otherwise, there are actually not so many differences, they go together too, where free spins reward bonus money in many cases. On the other hand, we have never heard of winning free spins with bonus, only bonus consisting of free spins.

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Gonzo VR Launch from NetEnt

Market driving gaming organization NetEnt declared on February 6 that they will dispatch their first virtual opening machine, following quite a while of advancement. Gonzo's Quest is one of the organization's most mainstream titles will be the primary slots machine to enter the new virtual world. NetEnt keeps on pushing the advanced gambling clubs showcase forward by creating and propelling its first internet diversion for the quick virtual reality advertise. The utilization of VR is a developing pattern among customers in a wide range of enterprises. Research demonstrates that online gambling club players are beginning to search for elective and more profound web based gaming encounters. This must be viewed as a colossal advance for future web based diversions and NetEnt is persuaded that VR will have a noteworthy influence later on of this industry. NetEnt keeps on concentrating on conveying a definitive gaming background by venturing out building up an online gambling club world. This is really a point of reference for NetEnt and the gaming business. Virtual Reality Casino GamesBeforehand, we have seen casinos like Slotsmillion gambling club that convey a virtual clubhouse without progress. At Casino-Experts, we trust that NetEnt will prevail in this endeavor. Gonzo Quest VR will be propelled in the mid year of 2018 and they have spent a ton of cash in publicizing for it. Ideally, the virtual video machine will be as well known as the first form, which implies that NetEnt will keep on upgrading its club amusements. This cool and energizing new innovation opens the ways to new kinds of free turn online club and you can anticipate that progressive free twists will advertise with. A player can be secured in the VR Casino world with his free twists. In general, we are extremely inspired by NetEnt and what they are endeavoring to accomplish. We want you to enjoy all that life has to offer. In the event that you have a VR gadget, ensure you attempt this creative amusement when it's begun.

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Swedish Gaming License from 2019

Something that has been difficult to avoid lately is the discussion about the changes in the Swedish gaming licenses. The giant Svenska Spel, who has a monopoly in Sweden, has been involved in the design of a game license that will be controlled by the Swedish state.This new game layer means in large part that a player who does not have a Swedish playing license can not be on the Swedish gaming market. The new team will also clarify the rules that players will follow and introduce a sharpened gameplay.Sweden's GDP - the sum of all goods and services produced in the country for one year - amounted to approximately SEK 4 600 billion by 2017. The state's revenue for gaming was SEK 6.4 billion during the same year. At the same time, the game advertisement was 5.5 billion kronor - close to a doubling of the previous year, when only the Postcode Lottery had a turnover of around SEK 3.5 billion. Even online gaming has doubled, albeit slightly slower. During the first quarter of 2018, more than half of all gambling occurred online, while online gaming accounted for only about a quarter of the total gambling ten years ago. A quarter is also the share of the market that players without Swedish gaming license hold at present.What will the Government do to affect?In other words, it is easy to understand why the government wants to make these changes in the game licenses right now. The gaming market is extremely lucrative, not least online, with an almost 500 percent increase over the past ten years. However, the question is how many companies will actually move back to the Swedish regulations. In Malta, companies are taxed only at around 5% of their profits and the new law in Sweden proposes that companies be subject to an excise duty of 18%. Probably the government wishes a scenario where the main players move their business to Sweden and that the others disappear from the Swedish players' awareness. In this way, they would effectively create a form of oligopoly, where the major players, under the surveillance eye of the state, continue to grow bigger while they faithfully pay to the Big Brother.The process that has been in progress with the new Swedish game act has been long and everything is not yet crystal clear, even though it is not a revolutionary legislative change that is proposed. Since many other EU countries already have such legislation, like England and Denmark, the law can be interpreted as an adaptation to the laws of surrounding countries. This is not least suggested by the representatives of all parties in the Culture Committee, where everyone except the Left Party and the Swedish Democrats approved the bill.It's hard to see how anyone, except for the gaming companies who have earned the big deal without license for many years, will get worse from the government's bill. This is, as I said, no radical regulation. It's an easy point to do for the government, and a welcome like that. This is protectionism at its best - in any case, it seems now in advance.The new legislation should not be limited to old-fashioned games in bingo halls, tobacco stores and slot machines, but it is also intended to regulate games that are "provided over the internet and target the Swedish market". The state monopoly of the state is not much more than an illusion today - admittedly they have a monopoly on physical games, but the ever-increasing virtual gaming market is not the state's domain.The government also hopes that through the change of law, a certain measure of order will be created in the rather messy gaming market. On the Government Offices website, it can be read that the bill proposes to provide "high consumer protection and high security" and "the negative consequences of gambling should be limited". This means hoping that the more obscene actors completely disappear from the gambling of the Swedish people. It is also possible to regulate what has hitherto been powerless - for example, how the gaming companies advertise, something they naturally could do even when they have been located abroad.The proposed change of law would, if it is now under way, be the latest in a long line of privatizations. Although the Swedish monopoly of monopoly has a long history and is almost as well embodied in the collective consciousness of the Alocohol Monopoly, acceptance of deregulation has increased as society changed. The hard hand of Social Democracy has become more relaxed, and the fact that it is now proposed to propose this so-called re-regulation (which of course is nothing but partial liberalization) is a sign that it is becoming increasingly difficult to resist the unsustainable competitive pressure of globalization.A new game regulation has been a long time, and since this development is very difficult, if not impossible, to stop it may be now it is time for Sweden to jump on the train and accompany new times.

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Macau - The number one gambling city

What many do not know is that the biggest single casino experience in the world is in Macao (English spell: Macau) - a province on the Chinese East Coast. Since 2007, more money has been played for here here than on the famous Las Vegas Strip!We're coming in this section to focus on just Macao, as this is where one finds the most iconic casinos in Asia. Macao often goes under the nickname "Orient Monte Carlo", though in fact, the casino industry is much bigger here than in Monte Carlo. The name remains, however.As said, Macao is now the world's capital of the world, with the largest turnover in the world and some of the most spectacular casinos. But how did it happen when this place got this role? To answer it, we'll get a little back in history. Macao, like Hong Kong, is a "special administrative region", which means that it technically belongs to China, while there is another system and other rules that apply. Earlier, Macao actually belonged to Portugal, which shows that Portuguese and Chinese are official languages.Gambling activities have been in Macao since the 19th century, but it's been the last 10 years that the real boom has taken place. In 2002, the monopoly on casino operations was abolished, and foreign players were able to establish themselves. Today there are 33 world-class casinos, one of which is the world's largest casino. Playing in Macao has quickly become one of the most powerful game experiences in the world, and Western players have also begun to discover this Eldorado in the East.With a theme taken from the Middle East, this giant casino is one of the most popular in Macao. The entire 21,300 square foot casino was completed in 2004, and then invites its visitors to a luxury experience throughout. In addition to an associated hotel, there is an amusement park, restaurants, nightlife and lots of other fun to enter between the yards at the game table.The Venetian MacaoHere we talk to the world's largest casino! The Venetian Macau is the flagship on the Cotai Strip - which is obviously a blink to the Las Vegas Strip. The casino is the world's sixth largest building set to the floor surface, so we're talking huge scale here. Of course, all this surface is filled with experiences and amazing games. Here you will find thousands of slot machines, 800 table games and a giant arena for sports events, concerts and other entertainment.Wynn MacauThis is the casino for you who are looking for a relaxing and luxurious overall experience. With hundreds of table games and vending machines, lots of restaurants and bars, designer shops, a spa and much more, this is the place for those who want to have a great time during your stay. The Wynn Group is also planning to expand to The Cotai Strip in the near future, and is expected to be a huge construction project.Rules of Casino in MacauActually, it is extremely difficult to talk about any general rules. Visiting a casino in Macao is an experience that is not similar to that in Europe or the United States. The design of the casino itself resembles those of Las Vegas, even bigger and more famous. However, things are a bit different. For example, the American casinos are very loud and intense places, where many visitors get many drinks inside the west and dance around between the games. In Macao, and in Asia in general, it is usually a little calmer. Instead of talking about rules, it might be more interesting to talk about culture and labels. As a western woman, you quickly notice that you are treated well, while feeling well-adjusted and adapting to it.However, we can address some basic rules. Dress code is generally not so strict. Approximately the same dress code applies as in most European casino - no flipflops or linen, in other words. Some casinos may have a more stringent dress code. To play, you must be 18 years old and able to show identification. You may not bring cameras, computers or bags, but they must be checked in first. Finally a little odd thing - you can not use the local currency to play! Instead, you have to switch Hong Kong Dollars in order to buy chips.

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Will Vegas host World Cup 2026?

This year´s FIFA World Cup is just over. France won 4-2 in the final to Croatia. With a lot of surprises such as Croatia, Belgium and Sweden advancing far in the tournament and with plenty of disappointments such as Germany, Spain, Argentina and Brazil it was a great tournament for the bookmakers. And for the few players who dared to bet frequently on the underdogs this time.Next time the World Cup will be hosted by Qatar. This is a decision that has been much critiqued for several different reasons. Qatar is not a traditional football nation, it is very small and it is very hot. FIFA just confirmed that the tournament will be hosted in November and December instead of during the European summer as usual.Can Vegas compete when it comes to football?However, it was announced recently that the World Cup 2026 will return to North America, 32 years after the USA World Cup 94. Together with neighbours Canada and Mexico, USA will host the 48 team tournament. After successfully moved the NFL franchise Raiders from Oakland, Las Vegas will have a great stadium to play at. The gambling capital will be a dream destination for football teams all over the World. The weather, the hotels and the gambling will definitely bring a lot of extra fun to this huge event. Host cities are yet to be announced, but on Casino Experts we are hoping for Vegas to be one of the host cities for the football fest in 2016!

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Massive Aquisition on the Gaming Market

"The Stars Group Inc. (NASDAQ: TSG; TSX: TSGI) (“The Stars Group” or “the Company”) announced today that it has agreed to acquire Sky Betting & Gaming (“SBG”) from CVC Capital Partners (“CVC”) and Sky plc (LSE: SKY) (“Sky”) in a cash and stock transaction valued at $4.7 billion. This combination will result in the world’s largest publicly listed online gaming company."There has been rumours for a while, but this massive deal was still somewhat unexpected. The Stars Group, with Pokerstars as their main brand, announced the buyout of Skybet and their related brands.Stars biggest buyThe Sky Betting & Gambling company do have the biggest player database in the United Kingdom. This means that Stars will be able to reach out to a whole new segment of players, mostly sportsbetting.“We are delighted to join forces with The Stars Group,” said Richard Flint, Sky Betting & Gaming’s Chief Executive Officer after the deal was announced. Many business experts think that the changed sportsbetting legislation in the United States was a driving force behind the deal.

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Epic €38,395 win on Casumo Casino

Now here's a true feel good story, folks! A fellow from Gothenburg, Sweden placed a €1 bet on Mega Fortune at Casumo Casino on 26 May 2018. He hit the major jackpot and landed a cash prize of 38,395 euros. “I thought it was thirty eight thousand SEK at first. But then I realised it was euro and it was difficult to hold back tears of joy.” the player said shortly after the awesome big win.As a true good human and citizen he intend to use some of his winnings to feed the poor in his home country to Lebanon, where he also intends to move back to along with his family. Doesn't that just make your heart warm? In addition to this philanthropic ambition, he has already taken care of his parents in Lebanon and sent them a share of the cash winnings.Fantastic things can, and regularly do, happen on Casumo Casino. At this moment, Casumo offers 200 Spins as a welcome gift for new players. As if that is not enough, they also offer a great first deposit bonus at £1 200. We thank our friends at Casumo for this. CLAIM YOUR 200 SPINS AT CASUMO CASINO

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Zlatan signs for betting company

In the beginning of this week it was announced that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be the new brand ambassador for the Swedish company Bethard. The online casino and betting site that recently launched their UK website, made a big splash with the news. In addition to the announcement, the first commercial with Zlatan and the other brand ambassador Dragomir Mrsic was shown to the audience. It positions Bethard as a “soft” brand, quite contrary to its company name.Zlatan Ibrahimović will start a long-term partnership with the gaming company Bethard. Zlatan's sponsorship will mean a lot for the company that started in 2014 and for the company there was only one way. Bethard has the slogan of “Winners Dare More” and that was exactly what caught Zlatan's attention. The game company wanted to find an ambassador who was used to winning, sharing the story and the journey that Bethard plans. For the online casino there was only one person who could achieve this. Zlatan was the no 1 choiceZlatan was a first choice and considered fit well into the company with a confident style, wide smile and a striking winning mentality. In the same way as Zlatan gets ready for LA Galaxy, co-operation will also begin, which hopefully will bring Bethard's winners to a new level.The Swedish striker has had an amazing footballing career where he represented Ajax, Inter, Barcelona, Milan, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United since leaving his native Malmo. He is now continuing his career on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, joining LA Galaxy in the American MLS. He will combine this with work such as the ambassador role for Bethard Casino.

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Five Casino Movies that you Must See!

When someone mentions casino and movies in one sentence, chances are that people will first and foremost think of James Bond.But there are movies that center around gambling and casino and these are those we will write about here. It's likely you've seen one, two or maybe all of these movies. If not - enjoy! 21 (2008)Ben Campbell is soon ready for his medical studies at MIT in Boston, which is not free and costs him $ 300,000. At the same time, his teacher, Mickey Rosa, offers the opportunity to join his team consisting of a bunch of math geniuses who go to Las Vegas on weekends to earn money by counting cards. Ben decides to accept the invitation, but with the objection that he intends to jump off as soon as he gets enough money to pay for his studies. But he soon loses contact with his nasty friends and falls to his teammate Jill, while being chased by the persistent security guard Cole. 21 is based on a true story, making the movie a bit more interesting. Do not expect any artistic greats. It's a relatively simple movie that should be enjoyed heartbeat in your favorite couch with a beer in one hand and snacks in the other.Rounders (1998)Mike (Matt Damon) is a young law student who also happens to be addicted to poker. After losing everything at the poker table, he decides to give up gambling and instead invest in love. In the same vein, Worm, Mike's polar, smuggles from prison and Mike gets caught up in new problems in the quest to help his friend get rid of shoulder. This is a surprisingly good movie with really good performers. Both Matt Damon and Edward Norton make a top job as their characters!Ocean's Eleven (2002)Ocean's Eleven is a new recording of an old 1960 classic with Frank Sinatra in the lead. The modern version, however, is much better and has an impressive roleplay of actors like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Andy Garcia, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts. The action is simple and straightforward and begins with Danny Ocean (Clooney) released after spending 4 years in the fin. But Danny has no plans to unwind, on the contrary, he's craving to get started as soon as possible, and he decides to collect a bunch of freaks to rob, not just one, but three Las Vegas casinos to one worth of $ 160 million. The problem is, however, that these casinos happen to be owned by the mighty Benedict ...Casino (1995)The editorial favorite and a true classic! The film is about two friends, including little jokes, Sam (Robert DeNiro) and Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci). Sam is able to go to Las Vegas where he becomes the head of the giant Tangiers complex. He also lives on the right side of the law. But soon his old polar Nicky shows up with completely different plans, and things are not getting better when Sam is in love with a former stripper named Ginger. The author of the book based the story of a real casino boss in Las Vegas!The Gambler (2014)Jim (Mark Wahlberg), a university lecturer in literature of the day and a obsessed gambler at night, is a frequent guest at various shady gaming clubs owned by the Mafia. The movie begins with Jim driving up to the mountains where he passes two guards who seem to know who he is, then enters the innermost room in an illegal game hole, settles down at the Black Jack table and begins to play. The problem is that Jim does not play for his own money. He is lending big sums from different casino owners and problems arise soon.

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Online Casino to Reach The One Trillion Mark

A study made by the British research institute Juniper indicated that the online gambling market could reach a one trillion dollar valuation by 2022. The 2017 research showed that the current market is worth around 620 billion USD and that the number is likely to grow by more than 10 % before the end of 2018.The main drivers behind the increasing numbers are new technology, new products and new market regulations. The technology makes the games and products more accessible for players all over the world. Thanks to mobile device most new games for casino and sportsbook are now available 24/7 from any location. New products will target new market segments and can intrigue players who are not just slots or card games players. And thanks to new laws and market regulations, more and more people can now play legally and safe.The growth of online casino in the UKWith new technique such as AI and VR making more and more advances, the new technology is thought to play a large role in the development of this high tech industry. AI can be used for chatbots and other virtual functions, in order to socialize the whole experience of online gambling. VR is something many game developers have been working on for years, in order to make casino and sports betting experiences as real as they could possibly be. These two are likely to be followed by other new technology, such as the Blockchain platform, in order to increase the user experience for online gambling.Many large markets, such as United States, Brazil and India are thought to see more and more regulations that will make online gambling easier to access for their habitants. It might take a few more years for it all to take place, but with many European countries regulating their national markets, other countries outside of Europe are thought to follow. Stay updated with Casino Experts news in order to follow the latest developments.

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New UK Gambling Strategy in place

UK Gambling Commission, the British regulator for gambling have shaped a new strategy for 2018. The new focus will first and foremost protect the players to prevent problem online gambling. The whole plan is a 4-year strategy that can be broken down into five different areas.The UK market for online casino is a well-established market. However, it keeps developing in a fast pace. There are always new games and opportunities coming up, every year and every month. This makes it harder and harder for regulators to predict what is going to happen. The UKGC is one of the oldest gaming licenses, but due to the highly technological environment they always have to be on their those to spot changes in operator offerings and player behaviour.Historically, the focus has been on the players and the gaming operators. However, the new strategy does mainly focus on player protection. This in order to prevent gamblers with addiction problems to be exposed for too much pressure coming from marketing and campaigns addressed by gambling companies. With new guidelines and standards for offerings and outbound marketing lined out in the new strategy, the UK Gambling Commission is doing all they can to raise the bar compared to previously.New strategy for UK GamblingOne of the main new implementations is the propose to ban marketing promotions during sporting events. This is order to protect vulnerable customers as well as protecting children from exposure to gambling and casino promotions. However, many punters would argue that in-play betting now is such a natural element during sporting events, that it is hard to remove.Another part of the new strategy is to reward operators taking social responsibility and those who are acting against problem gambling. After all, gambling should be more about fun than something else. With new technology such as VR and Bitcoin becoming household there will certainly be more changes to the ever-changing environment online gambling is. But with fair play, transparency and responsibility for the customers as the main priorities, the UKGC are doing their best to bring back the pure fun from online casinos and gambling again. We can most definitely expect more news on the subject in the near future.

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Pennsylvania the New Hub for US Casino

With California and Nevada usually seen as some of the most progressive states in the United States, Pennsylvania are now the ones making headlines for their new gaming laws. It is seen as the one state paving the way for other states.It recently became the fourth state to legalise casino and other sorts of gambling online. They are also looking to introduce one flagship casino, followed by 10 smaller ones, competing with the “Indian Casinos” that you usually see all over the states. With California and New York being slowly moving, experts now think that New York and California might follow the pattern if the benefits are good.Facts about PennsylvaniaPennsylvania borders in east to New Jersey, in the north to the state of New York, in the west to Ohio and in the south to Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia. The by far biggest city is Philadelphia with 1,5 million citizens. It is followed by Pittsburgh. It is also the home of the city Scranton, famous from the comedy TV show “The Office”.The Pennsylvania company Penn National own the right for the construction of the new casinos, and they did beat three other bidders to get the final contact. The casino will be built close to Interstate 83, which also is close to Baltimore, another major city in the area.Benefits from the regulationThe governor of the state signed a contact that also legalised online casino and poker. This meant Pennsylvania became the first state to do so since Delaware. The online gambling is believed to become available to the people of Pennsylvania by the end of 2018. These are some of the benefits believed to come from the legalization of gambling in the state:·       Over 200 million of tax money.·       New jobs for the population.·       Economic growth for the whole region.·       A smaller black gambling marketLooking at previous states doing a similar adaptation, the regulation in the state are thought to become a successful one. Keep updated with more news on the subject at this page.

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Leo Vegas enlarge their UK portfolio

2018 starts with a large acquisition within online gaming. The Swedish operator Leo Vegas, recognized as one of the best mobile casinos in the world, have bought the assets of Intellectual Property & Software Limited (IPS). This gives them control over brands such as Bet UK, Slotboss, and UK Casino. All of them are well known in the UK and has been a go-to destination for UK casino players for several years.With a mobile first approach, the Stockholm stock exchange listed company have gained a lot of recognition recently. With great bonuses and offers to new and loyal players, Leo Vegas is a popular destination for UK gamblers. With many similar competitors, Leo Vegas have found a niche that many players like. They also launched a sportsbook recently and with the Olympics and World Cup 2018 around the corner, it is not only a great year for casino, but for sportsbook too. What does the future look like for Leo?Leo Vegas was founded in 2011 and have constantly grown each year. Up until recently they worked solely with one main brand but with the acquisition of Royal Panda and the recent buys, it seems like that strategy is about to change. They have recently also founded the sister company Leo Ventures that will develop in-house technology for online gaming.The purchase is worth around 65 million GBP and it financed partly by cash. A large part of the acquisition is thought to be related to the technical platform provided by IPS. Leo Vegas are taking large steps into becoming one of the main online operators. With more brands and more technology they are very likely to rival online gaming giants such as Kindred and Betsson Group in the future.

2018-01-19  10:03:19

Future of Japanese Pachinko Games

Pachinko has been one of the most popular games in Japan for decades. In 1995 it had an estimated 30 million players. The popularity has decreased recently and twenty years later the figure is thought to be around 10 million. The growing popularity of videogames and an aging group of players are thought to be some of the reasons behind the decline. Teenagers and young adults are more likely to play console platform games and online casino, rather than pachinko.Another reason is thought to be the fact that coins are being used in the classic game machines. With Japan striving to become a cashless economy, this will not help either. This leads to the thoughts that the future of pachinko is most likely to be online. With many different and simple payments options available for online play, the games are likely to move from giant gaming halls to people´s living rooms over the next decade.The development of PachinkoHowever, there are some question marks about how well pachinko will adapt into the online world. With casino sites offering fun games for nothing with free spins no deposit required, many people may not keep on playing static games such as pachinko anymore. Another question raised is whether is will be included in a regulated and licensed gamign market. The pinball type of games is just in between arcade games and gambling, which means a licensed gaming market may or may not include it.With licensed landbased casinos thought to open up in 2023, together with online licensed, there are still time to include pachinko into an online gambling regulation. With an estimated 3,2 million gambling addict in Japan, there are definitely people raising questions about how to legalize gambling. But on the other hand, this will most probably add to a safer gambling environment for Japanese players. Follow all the latest developments about online gambling here on Casino Experts.

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India to Tacke Illegal Gambling

One of most lucrative markets for online gambling is India. As the world´s second most populated country there is a big interest in gambling. Sports such as cricket have many millions of viewers and the interest is growing by each day. However, the gambling market is poorly regulated. With next to none regulation, officials estimate the black market for sportsbetting to be worth an estimated 2 billion USD.The black underground gaming market has lead to problems with corruption and fixed games in the national cricket league IPL. This is one of many reasons to why many politicians now want to regulate the market. This will firstly and foremost affect betting but online casino is also thought to be affected in the future.What does the Indian betting market look like?The regulation would cover everything from license and taxation for operators, but also affect player´s safety such as limitations of deposits and maximum bet. Indian officials have looked at the UK model and the UK Gambling Commission. To use the tax money from betting to finance the nation´s youth sports is something that has been discussed.It is estimated to take at least two years to go through with such a regulation to reach a national license for gambling in India. Just as many other large countries such as Brazil, China and Russia, politicians have started to see the benefits of licensing the national markets for betting, lottery and casino.

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New Bitcoin Jackpot Launched!

No one have missed out on the hype around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over the last couple of years. With the Blockchain technique Bitcoin, Ripple, LightCoin and several other currencies have increased their value many times over. This has pleased investors and started to make people all around the world to question to the classic economical system. Also within online gambling, cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, have grown to become more popular.The operator site Lottoland have now decided to implement a new jackpot game where a large amount of Bitcoin can be won. The first price of the draw is 1000 Bitcoin, which today is worth close to two million euro. The currency has however fluctuated a lot recently, and even if the value at the time writing is set, it could change rapidly. This could potentially mean your jackpot win can be worth either a lot more or a lot less than it was at the time you won.Bitcoin jackpots are new to the marketThe draw is open for players from a range of nations including the UK and each ticket will cost around 3 USD. This is a complete new concept and even if there have been big online jackpots won before, this could potentially be the biggest one depending on the future of the Bitcoin currency. If you like to play online casino with Bitcoin at stake, there are today 20 + casinos accepting this currency and it is thought to increase even more during 2018. Keep your eyes open and follow the news section at Casino Experts for the latest update.

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Is Brazil the next big online casino market?

It is the home of football and samba! People go there for the white beaches and for the Rio carnival. And with a population of over 200 million and people combined with a thriving economt, Brazil is tipped by experts to become one of the big future markets of online gaming. Many people already gamble online in the home country of many great footballers, but there are still plenty of development to come. Most of the gambling such as poker and sportsbetting is still happening offline.With no gaming regulation, problems with online payments and a lower Internet penetration than Europe and the United States, Brazil is yet a new market for online gaming. With a lot of land based lottery and bingo going on, the online market is yet to pick up. Some larger bookmakers such as bet365, Sportingbet and Unibet have already entered the market and more are likely to follow.Casino regulation in BrazilA national regulation has been discussed and with it´s huge population it would mean the largest regulated market in the world. With a huge interest in football and sportsbetting offline, the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia might be the start of a new online gaming market. A KPMG report valued the current market to be worth more than 2 billion USD and it is very likely to grow considerable over the next decade.A regulated market would make it easier for players to deposit and withdraw money legally and for the government it would bring some much needed tax money. Stay updated by reading our news here at and look out for a Brazilian section on the website in the future!

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