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UK Gambling Commission - Online Casino License

When the regulation of the casino market in the UK came into force in 2014, this put into place the obligation for any online casino operating within the UK to acquire a casino license from the UK Gambling Commission. The UK’s Gambling Commission has been in operation for many years, working with online and other casinos in the UK to ensure good gaming practices. The UK’s Gambling Commission casino license is considered one of the most prestigious licenses in the world due to the strict requirements that casinos must adhere to, in order to obtain a license.


This license is designed to improve the safety and quality of online casinos as well as protect casino players. This is one of the more difficult licenses for an online casino to get, with the UK’s Gambling Commission requiring many strict procedural requirements to be in place before they will consider issuing a license.

UK Gambling Commission

Rules and Regulations

The rules put in place by the UK’s Gambling Commission aim to protect vulnerable people, such as gambling addicts, as well as ensuring that the industry is not subject to criminal activity. With these aims in mind there are a number of rules and regulations that online casinos must adhere to.


There are a number of steps that have been put in place to make the online casino market fairer and a better environment for players. The company must provide all personal details of the owners and all management personnel associated with an online casino. Applicants need a good financial history and proven trustworthiness. An applicant’s experience and competence in regards to the online casino market must be proven, and applicants cannot have a criminal record.


The rules for the online casino include procedures for quality and security, including a KYC-check on players for a withdrawal to be approved. Online casinos can only allow players eighteen years of age or over to play, and they must comply with Anti-Money Laundering regulations. Players at online casinos must provide proof of address and the casino has to ensure this information is absolutely correct and monitored regularly.

License Registration Process

To comply with the rules of a license from the UK’s Gambling Commission, online casinos must ensure their players are over eighteen and have not been excluded from an online casino before. A player will be excluded from an online casino should they have a gambling addiction or be under the age of eighteen.


The registration process for players at the online casino must include standard information like name, birth date and Address, all of which has to be verified using a KYC-process.

These processes are in place to ensure that underage players or users with gambling addiction issues do not get access to online casino games. The verification process will also be used to prevent the creation of fake accounts.


These details must be collected and verified in order for an online casino to maintain a license with the UK’s Gambling Commission. This is a requirement by law for operating an online casino in the UK.

Different Types of Casino Licenses

Licenses issued by the UK’s Gambling Commission are based upon the type of activity of the online gambling website. For online casino sites that offer different types of games, separate licenses could be required for each type of online gambling activity.

Many casinos have a number of different licenses associated with one website to ensure they comply with UK law.


The UK’s Gambling Commission issues various gaming licenses such as a license for Bingo operation, a license for Pool betting and a Lottery operating license. Other licenses include a General Betting license, Betting Operating license (intermediary) and a Casino Operating license.


The requirements for these different types of licenses for every online casino ensure that each part of the online gambling activity complies with strict rules and regulations. This ensures that UK online casino sites have the right security and protection for their users.

Responsible Gambling

The licenses issued by the UK’s Gambling Commission, and the strict rules and regulations applied to them, are designed to protect both the player and the operator of the online casino. Online casino operators must have measures in place to protect problem players and ensure responsible gambling.


These can include setting limits on an account to prevent problem gambling, with deposit, transaction and loss limits to control online casino play. Players can also choose to exclude themselves from an online casino should they feel they have a gambling problem. The UK’s Gambling Commission can also be contacted if a player suspects illegal activities from an online casino, or the company has not rectified a problem that the player has highlighted.


The UK’s Gambling Commission does not handle enquiries regarding general gambling or website bonuses, and these should be directed to the operator of the online casino.

A gambling license issued by the UK’s Gambling Commission is considered to be one of the most difficult to obtain, so a casino operating with this license is safe and trustworthy.

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