Online Keno 2019 - Strategy Guide & Rules for Playing Keno Casino

Keno is a lottery type game commonly found in casinos, both on and offline. It can be a standalone game or played in conjunction with a lottery. Players simply place bets on a series of numbers from one to eighty. Usually the amount of numbers picked varies between one all the way through to twenty. Once the player has placed their bets on the chosen numbers, a ball machine will be spun and the numbers dropped.

As with other lottery style games, players will win varying values of money depending on how many of their numbers were drawn. Payouts will vary depending on the casino and also on how many numbers the player opted to select at the start of the game. These can vary enormously with house edges ranging from 4% all the way up to 35%.

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18+ | T&C's Apply | BeGambleAware

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A History of Keno

Keno is originally a Latin word meaning ‘five winning numbers’. Be that as it may, most accounts agree that the game actually originated in China. There are old tales suggesting that the invention of Keno was something that saved an old city during a war as its huge popularity helped to fund the building of the Great Wall of China.

However, in modern day China, the idea of using public lotteries to fund public infrastructures was not legalized until late in the 19th century. It wasn’t until 1847 when Macao granted a license to businesses operating lotteries that the event even became documented. So popular was the game in this time that tiny outlying villages would have the keno results sent to them via pigeons. This developed the name pakapoo, which literally translates to ‘white dove ticket’ in Chinese.

The Chinese version was played using 80 Chinese characters printed onto paper. Players would then select the characters they hoped would win. It wasn’t until much later as Chinese immigrants moved to America, that the game would be introduced to the Western world. By 1866 the game had successfully made its way to Texas with the new name of Keno and thus the modern version of the game was born.

How to Play Keno Online 2018

Playing keno is a relatively simple procedure. Most keno guides simply advise the player to use their own strategies when it comes to picking numbers. Picking a number is of course the starting point. As mentioned previously, the cards usually contain numbers from one to eighty. Depending on the game design, players can choose just one number per round through to twenty. Most games however tend to stick with fifteen numbers being the maximum.

Once the numbers have been chosen, the next step for the player is to select the wager amount. This can be done using the arrow buttons at the base of any online Keno card. The variations of the game will also mean that there are differences in the minimum and maximum wager permitted.

Once the numbers are selected they will be highlighted so that players can see which numbers they picked.

Clicking play will indicate satisfaction in the numbers that have been selected and the RNG will kick off, spitting out different winning numbers as would occur in a physical keno game. Twenty numbers will be picked and if any match those selected by the player, this is called a hit. The more hits acquired, the higher the prize money.

Winning will depend on how many numbers were selected at the start. If one number only was selected, the player will win a small amount according to the game pay table. Selecting eight with half of them hitting will win the player a similar amount to just selecting one number.

The more hits within the chosen eight numbers, the higher the payout will be. Selecting the maximum amount of numbers will usually mean that if there are only one to three numbers hit, there will be no payout whatsoever. However, hitting on all fifteen numbers will result in a top payout. Again this will depend on the game being played and the new online casino the player is using as to how large this payout will be.

The Best Strategies for Playing Keno Online

This is really a game all about chance so all that the best keno guides can really say is that picking the highest amount of numbers is usually the best strategy; simply put, the more numbers that are selected, the greater the possibility of getting a win. PayPal is a quick and reliable method for speedy deposits and withdrawals.

Even if not all the numbers hit, when picking the highest amount players are almost certainly guaranteed to at least make their original wager. It is not advisable to track previous winning numbers. Hot and cold numbers do not make much of an impact on this game. At the end of the day, players are simply advised to pick any numbers using a method that suits them. There is no wrong number in keno.

Finding the Best Gambling Sites for Keno

When looking for keno or casino sites, players should check how reputable the site or casino is. It is very easy for players to get sucked in to a great sounding welcome deal or great keno pay table only to place money in and have the casino disappear. Trustworthy casinos will have a license from a known authorizing body and this can be found clearly at the bottom of any casino website. Having this means that the casino has to abide by a number of strict rules and regulations, including having regular third-party auditors check the fairness of their games.

This is very important for keno players as all the winning numbers are simply generated using a random number generator, and it is important to know that this is operating fairly and with no bias to either party. Players should also check which payment providers are being used to know whether transactions will be handled in a swift and secure manner.

Once these aspects are out of the way, it is then time for the player to check out the games on offer. Some casino sites offer a wide range of keno games, others just one or two. Players would do well to check out all the pay tables for each game to find out which are more likely to give the highest returns.

A fun and simple game, Keno provides endless fun and even without hitting the big prizes, keno pays out often enough to keep players returning again and again.

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