Daily Fantasy Sports 2019 - Strategy for Playing Fantasy Sports Online

In recent years, fantasy sports have become more and more popular. Many people wrongly assume that they only evolved with the arrival of the internet, but, in fact, fantasy sports games - or rotisserie as they are sometimes known - have been around in a more basic form since the 1950s. On Casino Experts, we have been fans of this game for a long time.

The essence of fantasy sports is a simple one. Participants, or ‘team managers’, simply gather together and choose an imaginary team in the sport that has been picked for the fantasy sport. Participants can pick players from any team within the sport. Once this has been done there are two ways the fantasy sports game can play out.

How Fantasy Sports Online Works

The usual method is that, as real games are played, the real-life players within the team garner their ‘team manager’ points, depending on how they play - if they score, secure passes and so on. The other option is that these fantasy teams will ‘play’ each other in a fantasy scenario, the winner decided by the merits of the real-life team players.

Whatever the method, there is always one person who oversees all the points that are lost and accumulated, and these are usually known as the ‘league commissioners’. They monitor all aspects of the game including any new drafts, drops and other changes to each participant’s team.

To all intents and purposes, the game operates exactly as it does in real life. The final goal is to own the team that scores the most points. This is a lucrative industry, and, in fact, online fantasy sports are a multibillion dollar game. Read more in our exclsuive guide for sportsbetting here on Casino Experts.

A History of Fantasy Sports

The concept of choosing specific players in a dream team scenario has in fact been in operation since just after the Second World War. In the 1950s, Wilfred Winkenbach from Oakland created one of the earliest forms of fantasy sports. His game was based on fantasy golf, where each of the participants would select a team comprised of professional golfers, and the participant whose team scored the lowest combined number of strokes was declared the winner. Later, in 1962, Winkenbach created the first fantasy football league, containing eight teams - a somewhat more complex endeavor than that of the golf league.

1960 saw the first fantasy baseball league come into play. Based in Boston, a Harvard sociologist by the name of William Gamson began what was called the Baseball Seminar. Here, his colleagues could form their own team rosters, earning them points on each of their chosen player’s batting averages in the final standings. When Gamson moved to the University of Michigan, he took the game concept with him, playing with other professors, and thus the idea spread.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that a major development in the sport occurred. This was when the Rotisserie League Baseball was created. Daniel Okrent has been credited with creating this league, with the name coming from the New York based restaurant, La Rotisserie Francaise, as this is where Okrent and his friends used to go and play. The premise of the game was that participants, or ‘owners’, could choose any players that were active in the Major League.

The game would follow the statistical progress of each player, and the participants would make predictions about each player in terms of health, how long they played for, performance and more, much in the same way as the team’s manager would do in real life. As Okrent was a writer for a magazine, other players also included those within the media network. These sports writers began to write about the game they were a part of, and so the sport gradually became noticed.

Of course, the most major input into the fantasy sports world has been the arrival of the Internet. The mid-90s saw technology make a huge leap forward, and, as with everything else, fantasy sports suddenly became highly accessible. Technology meant that all the stats could be easily compiled in an online format, and information, results and news were easily available. Initially, many of the fantasy sports sites were free, but in the growing era they soon began to charge for their services. By 2008, it was possible to bet on the sport, and, in 2012, the first apps were developed, well and truly bringing it to the masses.

How to Win when Playing Fantasy Sports Online

Fantasy sports are now highly accessible, and come in many sports, ranging from golf and baseball through to rugby and American football. When looking for the best fantasy sports online, it can come down to simple personal preference. There are, however, a number of the sites already set up to cater to a wide variety of league needs, but of course there is still the possibility for a player to set up their own league. MFL offers one of the best platforms for those creating their own league, though there is a small price tag for the privilege.

The site allows players to make all their required customizations, with a massive range of scoring options and excellent customer service support. Other sites such as NFL, Yahoo and ESPN offer full leagues that players can join. Sites like NFL are completely free. ESPN offers a wider range of fantasy sports, including football, basketball, baseball and hockey. Many will offer you bonuses to get started.

Complete with all stats and some excellent message boards, these sites offer the best guide for fantasy sports. There are also options on which types of bets to place, with multiple options such as straight, spread or even confident available. Specialist sites, such as the fantasy premier league, offer players the chance to play soccer with their dream team, and also allow players to create their own unique leagues, or simply to join another group.

Easy to set up, and fun to play, fantasy sports leagues have become hugely popular. Paying attention to a guide best fantasy sports sites can easily be found, allowing players to operate as a team manager, moving, changing and organizing their team or teams as would be the case in real life. Using the real-life statistics helps to make these games come alive, and whether playing for money or simply for fun, there is something inherently thrilling about this sport.


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