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At the beginning of this week, it was announced that Zlatan Ibrahimovic would be the new brand ambassador for the Swedish company Bethard. The online casino and betting site that recently launched their UK website made a big splash with the news. In addition to the announcement, the first commercial with Zlatan and the other brand ambassador Dragomir Mrsic was shown to the audience. It positions Bethard as a “soft” brand, quite contrary to its company name.

Zlatan Ibrahimović will start a long-term partnership with the gaming company Bethard. Zlatan’s sponsorship will mean a lot for the company that started in 2014, and for the company, there was only one way. Bethard has the slogan of “Winners Dare More”, and that was exactly what caught Zlatan’s attention.

The game company wanted to find an ambassador who was used to winning, sharing the story and the journey that Bethard plans. For the online casino, there was only one person who could achieve this.

Zlatan was the no 1 choice

Zlatan was the first choice and considered fit well into the company with a confident style, wide smile and a striking winning mentality.

In the same way, as Zlatan gets ready for LA Galaxy, co-operation will also begin, which hopefully will bring Bethard’s winners to a new level.

The Swedish striker has had an amazing footballing career where he represented Ajax, Inter, Barcelona, Milan, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United since leaving his native Malmo.

He is now continuing his career on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, joining LA Galaxy in the American MLS. He will combine this with work such as the ambassador role for Bethard Casino.