As a term you will frequently come across in the world of online gaming, especially about slot games, the scatter symbol is a key symbol that grants the player various fun bonus features designed and integrated within a slot game.

When the scatter appears, there is no need for a winning line to be present on the screen. Their appearance on the reel automatically unlocks inbuilt mini-games, free spins and other bonus features unique to the slot game being played.

Scatters are generally represented by a symbol that is unique and characteristic to the theme of the slot game itself.

Being a game-specific feature, the scatter symbol works a bit different depending on how the game is designed. Generally, several scatter symbols must appear in a single spin to unlock any given feature.

In most slot games, the scatter symbol grants the player free spins, but sometimes it is also used to unlock bonus features on screen.

In some slot games, scatter symbols grant you a winning combination, automatically giving you a payout.

The payout is usually a return on the bet plus a multiplier, with the multiplier value being determined by the number of scatter symbols appearing on the screen.

How Scatter Symbols are used in online casinos

Scatter symbols are more prominent in online slot and video slot games. Whilst scatter symbols do feature in some arcade slots and fruit machines, you are more likely to come across them whilst you are playing online slots or video slots.

Scatter symbols tend to be a more standard feature on five-reel slots. Seven-reel slots, three-reel games, progressive jackpots, slots with bonus games and any other slot machine on the market tend to include a form of scatter.

Again, whether scatters are part of the game, how they are represented, and the feature they unlock solely depends on how the game is designed.

Slot games have paytables easily accessible in gameplay, where the player can refer back for info on gameplay, special bonuses and features.

It also includes info about symbols like wilds, scatters, bonus icons and what they stand for, payouts, as well as how all the symbols work on their own as well as in a winning combination.

It is always a good idea to refer to the game’s paytable before you start playing. This way, you can get an idea of the game’s potential and what to expect in gameplay.

With so many slot games out there to choose from, the paytable can help make a choice much simpler.