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With California and Nevada saw as some of the most progressive states in the United States, Pennsylvania are now the ones making headlines for their new gaming laws. It is seen as the one-state paving the way for other states.

It recently became the fourth state to legalise casino and other sorts of gambling online. They are also looking to introduce one flagship casino, followed by 10 smaller ones, competing with the “Indian Casinos” that you usually see all over the states.

With California and New York being slow-moving, experts now think that New York and California might follow the pattern if the benefits are good.

Facts about Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania borders in the east to New Jersey, in the north to the state of New York, in the west to Ohio and the south to Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia.

The by far biggest city is Philadelphia with 1,5 million citizens. Pittsburgh follows it. It is also the home of the city Scranton, famous from the comedy TV show “The Office”.

The Pennsylvania company Penn National own the right for the construction of the new casinos, and they did beat three other bidders to get the final contact. The casino will be built close to Interstate 83, which also is close to Baltimore, another major city in the area.

Benefits from the regulation

The governor of the state signed a contract that also legalised online casino and poker. This meant Pennsylvania became the first state to do so since Delaware. Online gambling is believed to become available to the people of Pennsylvania by the end of 2018. These are some of the benefits believed to come from the legalization of gambling in the state:

·       Over 200 million of tax money.

·       New jobs for the population.

·       Economic growth for the whole region.

·       A smaller black gambling market

Looking at previous states making a similar adaptation, the regulation in the state are thought to become a successful one. Keep updated with more news on the subject on this page.