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A study made by the British research institute Juniper indicated that the online gambling market could reach a one trillion dollar valuation by 2022. The 2017 research showed that the current market is worth around 620 billion USD and that the number is likely to grow by more than 10 % before the end of 2018.

The main drivers behind the increasing numbers are new technology, new products and new market regulations. The technology makes the games and products more accessible for players all over the world. Thanks to mobile device most new games for casino and sportsbook are now available 24/7 from any location.

New products will target new market segments and can intrigue players who are not just slots or card games players. And thanks to new laws and market regulations, more and more people can now play legally and safely.

The growth of online casino in the UK

With new technologies such as AI and VR making more and more advances, the new technology is thought to play a large role in the development of this high tech industry.

AI can be used for chatbots and other virtual functions to socialise the whole experience of online non-UK gambling.

VR is something many game developers have been working on for years, to make casino and sports betting experiences as real as they could be.

These two are likely to be followed by other new technology, such as the Blockchain platform, to increase the user experience for online gambling.

Many large markets, such as the United States, Brazil and India, are thought to see more and more regulations that will make online gambling easier to access for their habitats.

It might take a few more years for it all to take place, but with many European countries regulating their national markets, other countries outside of Europe are thought to follow. Stay updated with Casino Experts news to follow the latest developments.