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What many do not know is that the biggest single casino experience in the world is in Macao (English spell: Macau) – a province on the Chinese East Coast. Since 2007, more money has been played for here than on the famous Las Vegas Strip!

We’re coming in this section to focus on just Macao, as this is where one finds the most iconic casinos in Asia. Macao often goes under the nickname “Orient Monte Carlo”, though, in fact, the casino industry is much bigger here than in Monte Carlo. The name remains, however.

As said, Macao is now the world’s capital of the world, with the largest turnover in the world and some of the most spectacular casinos. But how did it happen when this place got this role?

To answer it, we’ll get a little back in history. Macao, like Hong Kong, is a “special administrative region”, which means that it technically belongs to China, while there is another system and other rules that apply.

Earlier, Macao actually belonged to Portugal, which shows that Portuguese and Chinese are official languages.

Gambling activities have been in Macao since the 19th century, but it’s been the last 10 years that the real boom has taken place. In 2002, the monopoly on casino operations was abolished, and foreign players were able to establish themselves.

Today there are 33 world-class casinos, one of which is the world’s largest casino. Playing in Macao has quickly become one of the most powerful game experiences in the world, and Western players have also begun to discover this Eldorado in the East.

With a theme taken from the Middle East, this giant casino is one of the most popular in Macao. The entire 21,300 square foot casino was completed in 2004 and then invited its visitors to a luxury experience throughout.

In addition to an associated hotel, there is an amusement park, restaurants, nightlife and lots of other fun to enter between the yards at the game table.

The Venetian Macao

Here we talk to the world’s largest casino! Venetian Macau is the flagship on the Cotai Strip – which is obviously a blink to the Las Vegas Strip.

The casino is the world’s sixth-largest building set to the floor surface, so we’re talking huge scale here. Of course, all this surface is filled with experiences and amazing games.

Here you will find thousands of slot machines, 800 table games and a giant arena for sports events, concerts and other entertainment.

Wynn Macau

This is the casino for you who are looking for a relaxing and luxurious overall experience. With hundreds of table games and vending machines, lots of restaurants and bars, designer shops, a spa and much more, this is the place for those who want to have a great time during your stay.

The Wynn Group is also planning to expand to The Cotai Strip shortly and is expected to be a huge construction project.

Rules of Casino in Macau

Actually, it is challenging to talk about any general rules. Visiting a casino in Macao is an experience that is not similar to that in Europe or the United States.

The design of the casino itself resembles those of Las Vegas, even bigger and more famous. However, things are a bit different.

For example, the American casinos are very loud and intense places, where many visitors get many drinks inside the west and dance around between the games.

In Macao, and Asia in general, it is usually a little calmer. Instead of talking about rules, it might be more interesting to talk about culture and labels.

As a western woman, you quickly notice that you are treated well while feeling well-adjusted and adapting to it.

However, we can address some basic rules. Dress code is generally not so strict. Approximately the same dress code applies as in most European casino – no flipflops or linen, in other words.

Some casinos may have a more stringent dress code. To play, you must be 18 years old and able to show identification.

You may not bring cameras, computers or bags, but they must be checked in first. Finally, a little odd thing – you can not use the local currency to play! Instead, you have to switch Hong Kong Dollars to buy chips.