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Now here’s a true feel-good story, folks! A fellow from Gothenburg, Sweden placed a €1 bet on Mega Fortune slot game at Casumo Casino on 26 May 2018. He hit the major jackpot and landed a cash prize of 38,395 euros.

“I thought it was thirty-eight thousand SEK at first. But then I realised it was euro and it was difficult to hold back tears of joy.”

The player said shortly after the awesome big win.

Like a truly good human and citizen, he intends to use some of his winnings to feed the poor in his home country to Lebanon, where he also intends to move back to along with his family. Doesn’t that make your heart warm? In addition to this philanthropic ambition, he has already taken care of his parents in Lebanon and sent them a share of the cash winnings.

Fantastic things can, and regularly do happen on Casumo Casino. At this moment, Casumo offers 200 Spins as a welcome gift for new players. As if that is not enough, they also offer a great first deposit bonus at £1 200. We thank our friends at Casumo for this.