What is the Difference between Bonus Money and Free Spins?

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Free spins and bonus money is a recurring theme among online casinos – but what’s the difference between bonus money and free spins really? Let’s take a look at this, as well as watch some online casinos offering free spin and lots of bonus. Both kinds of rewards appear on almost all online casinos – and many of them can be enjoyed at no extra cost.

Bonus money is very sought after, as you get a guarantee that you can enjoy all the games at the casino (provided that it does not contradict terms and conditions to play certain games). Freespins, on the other hand, is locked to a specific game or game developer such as Net Entertainment.

If you get 100 free spins in Starburst, you can only play them there, but you can play a 10 euro bonus regardless of whether you want to spin slots or think about the next move around the blackjack.

Bonus money is what it calls its balance of bonus. It may be a bonus you get when playing regular free spins and won, or it may be a match bonus you have received on your deposit.

The biggest difference between free and bonus money is that the spin is locked to a game while the bonus money can be played in all casino games.

The only thing that can put sticks in the wheel for the bonus money is whether it’s the casino itself that has rules for where to get and not to play with bonus money.

It is not uncommon to limit bonuses in, for example, table games or live casino. But there are a bit more chances to win there, so it’s still fair – an understandable rule for many.

Advantages of Bonus Money

The big difference between bonus money and free spins is actually what you prefer! If you are one who really longs for putting hands in free spins and slots, it’s simply the best for you.

On the other hand, it’s a big bonus to get a massive welcome bonus – here at Casino Experts you’ll always find the biggest bonuses.

Free spins will always be available here; it does not matter if you are looking for free spins or if you want to deposit and receive a bigger lump sum.

However, we always pay attention to our readers to be careful about what bonuses you currently enjoy. Always read the terms and conditions before you apply to use a bonus to ensure that you have done everything possible to understand the sales requirements and any restrictions on the bonus.

Otherwise, there are actually not so many differences, they go together too, where free spins reward bonus money in many cases. On the other hand, we have never heard of winning free spins with bonus, only a bonus consisting of free spins.